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Venus Tang
Hello everyone, I’m Venus Tang at your serv- YOU NOW WHAT FORGET THIS FORMAL INTRODUCTION but anyway yes I’m Venus Tang and I love to draw, I color online, draw both online and on paper, I love my martial art class and boxing, music, etc… I’m half Japanese and half Chinese my art style is anime/a little bit of cartoon. I can’t draw hands for LOIFE and well, not many people like this but...I make puns. There a pizza work and wow all the Pastabilities. -_- yeah… sorry about that anyway, I’m friends with many artists. I was Born in Japan June 28, 2004. I also do art requests. Want any art request? You can go to my instagram: @venus_tang

An example of my art work known as HeyGhoulFriend make sure to subscribe on youtube and also sub to Trendychris420 and Lt.Luigi

Venus Tang , Artists

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Venus Tang