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Beauty of Nature
Written by Naafia Thangalvadi
Beauty is in the red of the dragons flame
The way it burns impossible to tame
Beauty is in the orange of the volcano’s eruption
Running down the side in a fiery disruption
Beauty is in the yellow of the sun
Our source of light our daily fun
Beauty is in the green of the trees
The way they sway in an afternoon breeze
Beauty is in the blue of the ocean
Fish below stirring commotion
Beauty is in the purple of a snowy mountain
Melting into water of a summer fountain
These are the colors of the rainbow that stretch for a mile
Because after all a rainbow is an upside-down smile!!


Once upon a time…
Written by Elizabeth Schaefer & Mikaela Columba
There was a witch called Schnoookums. She always played the violin. (And by always we mean always!) The reason why was because she played a cursed violin, and she always played a cursed violin because she had serve hygiene issues. (Do you know anyone that can brush their teeth while playing a violin?) Even if she was not playing a song she constantly played. So she would sometimes play the same note over and over again. This witch was very grumpy too, because she was sleep deprived.
DING-DONG! DING-DONG! The witch came to answer the door, but then realized she could not open the door, because she was still playing the violin, until she came up with an idea to kick the door down. When the door came down, it fell on the witch. Causing loss of teeth and strings. When the witch regained her composure and got back up, she realized that because she was cursed and her bow was stuck in her tangled hair, she continued to move her bow up and down. This made it get more tangled. Now the witch had a rocking afro. Standing in the middle of the rubble, was a beggar. The witch was going to say, “This is not a charity” but before the witch could say that the beggar said,” Disco Time!!!!’” The beggar pushed aside the witch, and barged into the witch’s hut, knocking things over left and right. Out of nowhere she pulled out a disco ball and put it up on the cracked wall, flipped a switch and all of a sudden horrible 70’s music came on. Out of the forest came all sorts of animals (including a lion). They were all wearing awful 70s trends (including tie-dye). A random bird came and made a nest in the witch’s afro. Since she was cursed she kept punching the bird with her bow uncontrollably.witch-violin
The witch began to have a fit. (Did we mention she was sleep deprived?) The beggar tried to calm her down. But the witch could not control her emotions. All of a sudden, a river of tears came from the sprinkler system. The witch began to cry more because not only was her house full of awful disco music and awkward animals, it was now completely and utterly destroyed. The witch could not keep afloat because she was still waving her bow up and down in her tangled and now wet afro.
Out of nowhere, a narwhal came out of the depths of the river and ate (or as the Narwhal put it, saved) the witch and the beggar. The narwhal proceeded to fart rainbows and fly into the clouds. Meanwhile, in the deep depths of the narwhal, the beggar and a hand full of mermaids started to have a disco party, while the witch was fighting for her life to stay afloat.
All of a sudden, there was a huge crash! They landed on the MOON! The beggar, the witch, and the mermaids all came out of the narwhal via barf. (The narwhals barf was rainbow too) Very disoriented, the witch with her awful, wet, and now rainbow afro was still moving her bow up and down her head. She started a new life in unicorn utopia and created a business fiddling during epic unicorn parties on the moon. (She was content because she never would have to hear awful 70s music again!) The beggar turned into a princess and walked all the way to her kingdom. She was a princess all along, she just wearing her costume. Even though Halloween was 6 months ago! (Did we mention they are on the moon and the princess is lives on earth?) Lastly the mermaids jumped right back into the narwhal and continued to party with the disco music. They all lived happily ever after… Until the moon exploded. The lesson of the story is that clothing and music, these days, are like history barfing on us (just like the narwhal).

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