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Boys Can’t Read YA (young adult)?!?!?!

Eva Kung-Bi

February 17, 2016

Filed under Book, Reviews

Okay, so this is a rather controversial topic, and before I get into too much depth, I want to mention that these are all my opinions,  and you can agree or disagree with me all you want. So. What I've been noticing is that...

Maximum Ride Series Review

December 10, 2015

Red Queen Book Review

Red Queen Book Review

October 22, 2015

Fall Of Cybertron

Fall Of Cybertron

October 30, 2014


Haley Mazza

October 30, 2014

Filed under Entertainment, Reviews

TRXYE, A five song EP by youtuber and aspiring singer, Troye Sivan, and one of the most famous albums released this year. Troye Sivan, a youtuber with over 2,700,000 subscribers, has been uploading singing videos since 2007 on...

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