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Reconstruction & African Americans – Slade


June 10, 2020

One is blinded by the power, the other is all knowing of the pain. Set apart from society spoken in vein Caged and “set free” into sorrow Black codes bringing them back in Reconstruction was a cheat Most were brought into defea...

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Garlic Bread

February 26, 2020

PTA Reflections


October 21, 2019

"Do you enjoy art, music and dance or have an interest in writing, producing films and taking photos? Then join us and have fun unleashing your inner artist with PTA Reflections! This year’s theme, “Look Within” calls for you...


Alisha Kazmi

May 29, 2019

Hi. Glass is falling into our minds. We are all going to die.   Glass is running into our veins. Decapitated every phrase. We’re all gonna get hit by trains. We’re going insane. Please end my everlastin...

My Random Poetry Pt. 2

My Random Poetry Pt. 2

January 25, 2018

My Random Poetry

My Random Poetry

January 3, 2018

Crying Child

Jadah Walker

December 14, 2016

(a poem) Crying child Cursed by flowers I tried to save them I cried for hours 1 free roaming 1 with no soul To save them is my goal Death had 1 mission to keep them departed 1 was violent The other kindhearted They...

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