Cross Country Season Starts

Justis Jones and Sa'Niya Lipford

Marathon Runner

This cross country season stars with a big bang!!!

Shady Grove Middle School went up against Lakewend Parks. SGMS cross country coach Mr. Jefferson already knows who his star runners are. The boys Cross country team star runner is Evan Wellek.  Wellek said, “It is fun. It builds my endurance and stamina.” The girls Cross country team star runner is Carly Raker.  She added (about running), “Really fun. Really good way to push yourself.”

A couple of parents were cheering on SGMS. “I think  cross country is a wonderful sport,” one parent said.  Another parent said “I’m excited for Shady Grove to win.” Some parents where just excited for their children. Mrs. Kerrigan said “I think Xander Kerrigan will do well in the race for himself. I’m proud that he is here.” Another parent, Mrs. Neff, was cheering on her son Jeremy said, “I think he is doing great in this race. Being on this team will really benefit him.”

Parents were not the only ones supporting the runners. A student from SGMS, Paola Ruiz, was at the race to cheer on her brother Sebastian Ruiz. Paola said, “I really think that Sebastian will do well in this race.”

Jason Luke, a SGMS runner said, “It is so fun to beat other schools.” Another Timberwolf runner Shiwei Tang said, “I am excited for the race! I am a little nervous though.” Lindon Luu added “I am so excited for today’s race. I gives me powerful lungs.” 

** Fun Fact about Lindon Luu, his favorite color is blue.**

The Timberwolf next cross country meet is scheduled for Wednesday October 28 vs. Redland Middle School.