Let’s Decorate for Halloween

Emma Cleveland

Haunted House with Full Moon Cliaprt

Halloween’s coming so it’s time to decorate and get a costume! First, let’s decorate your yard by making this easy craft which is a pair of eerie glowing eyes. What you will need is, a pair of scissors, a toilet paper roll (just the cardboard part), a fat red glow stick, and dark duct tape. You can start by taking your scissors and cutting 2 holes the same size into your toilet paper roll (the roll should be symmetrical). Then crack your glow stick and slide it into the toilet paper roll. To keep the glow stick from falling out, duct tape the ends of the roll shut. Once you’ve got that, just place it somewhere, like in a bush, and that’s it! Now you have a creepy pair of red eyes to scare all your victims!

Don’t even worry about spending hours trying to think of a costume, I’ve got 3 right here:

  1. The first one is probably the easiest. All you’re going to need is a black eyeliner pencil, the whole costume is just writing the word “BOOK” across your face in capital letters. Guess what you are… that’s right, now you’re Facebook! (Haha)
  2. The next one isn’t so hard either. To be a simple M&M you’re going to need a plain shirt and long pants that are the same color (Orange, red, yellow, blue, or brown), white sticky felt, scissors, and if you choose to wear brown then get some black glasses (if you pop the lenses out of 3D movie glasses, you can use those). Once you have the materials for the costume, take the sticky felt and cut out a big lowercase “m” and stick it to the stomach of the shirt… That’s really it. Just put everything on and you’re ready to go!
  3. Now this last one is less crafty because there is no actual preparations. This costume is a person from the shower, you are going to need a bathrobe, slippers, a shower loofah (optional), and a shower cap. You basically put the robe over you current clothes (try to wear shorts) and put the slippers and shower cap on your feet and head then carry around the loofah.

Not such bad ideas eh? You should try wearing one of these costumes to the Halloween dance on October 30th, everyone will love them. Happy Halloween everyone!