The “Scariest” Minecraft Map Ever

Devin Goodman

“You are going home from a long journey and you still have a long way home but you don’t realize you need gas until you are out of it. You wait for a car or someone but no one is passing. You decide to leave your car and start walking to find a place or a shelter.” This is the story at the beginning of the “scariest” minecraft map ever, The Orphanage. As the story says, you have run out of gas, and you are searching for a place to stay. You find an abandoned orphanage. So what do you do? You decide to go in there and spend the night, obviously. Can you survive the floating figures, blood on the walls, bones lying around, jump scares, and, worst of all, save the little girl from the demon ghost? Watch the video below to see Captain Sparkelz play this map, or download the map yourself to find out. Good luck.

P.S. This is the demon ghost. I will not let you escape alive. Have fun!