Madi Weber and Brody Eckstein

Fandom: “A fanbase is a word used to describe the collection of people who mutually enjoy something. A fandom is so much more than that. This is when these people unite. Their passion is sucked into one single point and forms a black hole of fantasies. They feed off it and their passion grows. A he11 of animated gifs and captioned screengrabs explodes outward, engulfing every tumblog in sight. Fangirls screaming and crying everywhere. All is lost.” ~Urban dictionary.

There are many types of fandoms out in the world.  For TV shows alone there is about one for each show, sometimes more.  For example there are multiple ‘Twilight’ fandoms:  there is Team Edward or Team Jacob, usually based on who you think would make the cutest couple. Another example of a fandom is the Doctor Who fandom. Fandoms like this have created names for themselves.  For example Doctor Who = Whovians, which yours truly (Brody & Madi) are apart of. There are also fandoms that are not that big, but like the TARDIS are bigger on the inside. One example is VGHS. The fandom is quite small but people are just starting to give it the attention all fandoms need and have already accumulated some psycho fans watch Doctor Who.

Fandom Ranks

There are five types of people in a fandom. The first one is the bandwagon fans, these fans just are fans because of the fandom’s popularity and usually don’t stay for long. The second type of fans in a fandom are the normal ones. These fans like the show, but don’t obsess over it at all and just enjoy the show. The third type are  fanboys. Unlike the name fanboys, they can be girls or boys. These fans can be a bit obsessive but not to the point mass destruction if you were to criticise the fandom. The fourth type are fangirls. Like fanboys, fangirls can be both male or female. These people are the heart and soul of a fandom and are the largest group. Fangirls are the voice behind fan fictions (Even the gory ones), gifs, fan art, etc.. The last type of a fandom is the psychotic one. These special type of people are usually the ones who belong in a mental hospital because they are completely in love with what their fandom is about. We are talking about the ones who have pictures of that character all over their room walls and plans on how to find that person and usually stalk that person. All they talk about at school or work is about the show or their favorite character. Psycho fans and fangirls usually get mixed up for the similarities but a way to tell which is which is by fan fiction and how meticulous the details are; the psycho fans will go as far as what exact color the shirt in the dirty clothes pile behind the backboard of the bed is. While fangirls will go as far as the description of the room and object being used (a sonic screwdriver of course to open the cupboard with the child’s toys ;). Therefore make them very different. Lolzor just kidding, the fan fictions are just one example; you can see it in everything from comments to fan art.


We all have that one friend who makes 10,000,000,000,000 references in 5 sentences and you probably get pretty annoyed at them (guilty of referencing ~Madi) but the question from the beginning of time and space itself; why???? We’re just kidding the question is just as old as tumblr itself. To answer your question, yes this will have so many references that you’ll want to become a cyber man just to stop having the feeling of annoyance boiling on your skin like the crimson horror. So why do your friends make soooo many references? It is because they are plain and simply fangirls and you should probably accept it because they probably will not stop/change. If you are wondering where the references are from and you don’t have K-9 then just go on the internet and search the phrase and then act like you know where its from. Actually don’t do that because if they just find out you are a fake fan they will RIP you open and take your heart then put it inside herself/himself so that they can be a time lord (just kidding only psycho fans do that). The final reference count is……… 5!!

In all fandoms are not to be trifled with because we are a community of psychos; literally. If you mess with one, you mess with every single one of us.