Elementary vs Middle School


Laelia Davidson and Carla Sobrado

Hey there fellow sixth graders, do you remember elementary school? Do you remember how we had that one teacher that practically taught us everything? Remember seeing those same 30 classmates every single day? Remember recess? And what about the desks that you could put your stuff in, remember those? Everything changed when we started the deadly 6th grade. There were changes. Major changes. The moment we walked through those intimidating double doors of SGMS, our lives were changed forever. Being so small and feeble, we couldn’t believe we were taking such a big step forward. I mean, lockers instead of cubbies! Lockers! I bet most of us couldn’t even open ours at first. But somehow we figured it out. After a large amount of stressing, kicking, and punching our lockers, we got the hang of it. We completed the first challenge of middle school! But that wasn’t it. We had to go to seven classes a day, one after the other. And we have P.E. every day, not to mention. This is how our long, and sometimes tiring, adventure of middle school began. Besides the fact that we had to go to P.E. every day, we only have four minutes between each class. It may not seem like a lot of time, and it’s really not. But we have to learn to cope with the rules, and I’m pretty sure that we’ll survive (no, I don’t actually think we’ll survive). Okay, that stuff may have seemed harsh, but that was nothing. There is something that was probably one of the scariest changes from elementary to middle school. Detention. I don’t know about you, but I had something called lunch detention in elementary school. Now, we have after school detention as well. Even though we have detention, as long as we’re good students we can stay safe. Even though the memories of elementary school are comforting, and you think, “Elementary school was so easy! I wish I was allowed to go back!” The truth behind it all is that obviously, Shady Grove Middle School is better than anything our elementary schools could provide. You may think that middle school is super-duper hard and confusing, but we think we’re doing alright.