Haley Mazza

TRXYE, A five song EP by youtuber and aspiring singer, Troye Sivan, and one of the most famous albums released this year.
Troye Sivan, a youtuber with over 2,700,000 subscribers, has been uploading singing videos since 2007 on the popular website Youtube, but started uploading other types of videos, such as vlogs, in September, 2012. Troye was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but His family moved to Australia when he was two years old. Sivan currently lives in Perth, Australia with his parents and three siblings.
TRXYE, Sivan’s newest EP, consists of five songs, “The Fault In Our Stars”, which he wrote after reading the book by John Green, “Touch”, “Gasoline”, “Fun”, and “Happy Little Pill”, which reached number 10 in the US charts. Currently, the EP is at number 5 in the Billboard 200.
TRXYE sold over 30,000 copies after only three days of sales. It has currently sold over 35,000 copies. Troye continues to surprise both the Youtube audience and music listeners everywhere.