The Rise of YouTube as Entertainment

May 31, 2014

Today YouTube has created a new medium of entertainment. All starting in 2005, YouTube has turned from a simple website to a mainstream media alternative. This entertainment outlet has led to the rise many of YouTube stars such as Jenna Marbles, Smosh, Pewdiepie, the Fine Brothers, Grace Helbig, and many others. YouTube is used by many people for many things, like vloggers such as Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, and Connor Franta to News shows such as SourceFed and the Philip DeFranco to musicians like Pentatonix and one of the most popular YouTube musician MiranDasings08. Even budding comedians such as Jack Douglass (from Maryland) and Toby Turner. Gamers have a special place on YouTube making millions of dollars just by recording themselves playing video games like Amnesia, OctoDad and Minecraft.
Some of the most popular YouTube gamers are PewDiePie and SkyDoesMinecraft. A YouTuber’s biggest audience is the people who were raised with the internet: modern day teenagers. Many teens find YouTubers appealing for many reasons. YouTube and the internet are slowly drowning out television many teens spending more time on the internet and YouTube than watching TV. Jenna Mourey, age 27, also known as Jenna Marbles, is a comedian and internet personality who is the most subscribed woman on YouTube. With her over 11 million subscribers and estimated $2.5 million net worth, she has gained worldwide fame through the Internet. Even stars you know today got their start on YouTube like Justin Beiber. A show on YouTube called “The Annoying Orange” is now on television due to its gigantic fan base and huge presence on the internet. In conclusion YouTube isn’t just a place for cat videos and funny fail compilations; it is a whole new form of entertainment.

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The Rise of YouTube as Entertainment