Reconstruction & African American Rights


Options for U.S. History final projects.


The end-of-year project for 8th grade U.S. History students is about Reconstruction & African American rights. Students had to answer the question, ‘Was Reconstruction successful at achieving social, economic or political rights for African-Americans?’. In their responses, they had to show an understanding of learned material about how the federal and local governments supported/undermined social, economic or political rights for African Americans during Reconstruction. Then apply it to current events using at least two recent articles (within the past 5 years).

The final product could have been anything, including:

  • written paragraph
  • create a slide presentation
  • create an advertisement
  • write a poem
  • create a graphic story
  • create a padlet
  • create a video
  • write a mock interview
  • your own idea

Allowing students to choose the final product would allow them to be creative and use their specific strengths.

Here are some of the amazing products created by our 8th graders:

Poem by A. Slade

Artwork by N. Rodriguez Vasquez

Video by J. Batista