Garlic Bread


photo courtesy of Food Network

Leo D., Creative Writer

Many would easily dismiss the food known as garlic bread when looking at the broader spectrum of foods. But I am writing this article to share the importance of this delicious and yet simple food. And in case you’re wondering, yes, this article is meant for mostly humor, but that doesn’t mean garlic bread isn’t good. I hope you enjoy this story.

Garlic bread is a common appetizer among many Italian restaurants, after all, garlic bread did originate in Italy. And as you might be snacking away at the baskets of crispy, golden, melty breadsticks, you are probably overlooking it’s pure beauty. Garlic bread is a simple yet delicious blend of common ingredients such as garlic, parsely, garlic powder, cheese, butter, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, and french bread. And remember, garlic bread isn’t a health food, it’s glory must be taken in moderation just like any other calorie bearing food.

Now that you know the true power of garlic bread, your mouth may be watering at the thought of garlic bread while you are at home. But alas, you nor your parents know how to make garlic bread, and even if you did you lack the ingredients. So what do you do in this time of crisis, a famine of garlic bread that may last for weeks, if not months. Well fear not! Pre-made garlic bread can be purchased at your local grocery store to satisfy your garlic bread needs. Quality bread too, I’ve tried it, it’s not half bad.

Now with your brain full of delicious knowledge I shall stuff your noggin with even more facts about our favorite flavored treat. Garlic bread is derived from the Italian bruschetta, thickly sliced bread-based dish rubbed with olive oil and garlic gloves, which was originally considered peasant food, and most likely a tradition passed down from the Ancient Romans. Garlic bread was likely brought to America by Italian immigrants, originally as bruschetta, but due to the lack of olive oil and other ingredients, butter was substituted and later adapted to make a different dish. And during preparation, garlic bread can be cut a number of ways – on a diagonal down the length of the baguette; straight across; length-ways from end to end; sliced in half length-ways and then sliced diagonally or straight across; or partially sliced through, straight across or diagonally. Bet you didn’t know garlic bread had so much history behind it’s melted cheese and crunchy crust.

Truly garlic bread is a gift upon us all, it astounds the human mind to think that a food so delicious could even exist. So what are you waiting for dear reader! Go out, get some garlic bread, or even make some at home. Enjoy the satisfaction of garlic bread on a cold rainy day or any other day you feel like having garlic bread. In the end, I hope you consider this article into your next diner plans, and had a good laugh while reading. And with that, this article shall end, but never will the taste and glory of garlic bread end, until the end of decent cuisine.