Time Management, We All Struggle With It

Leo D, Creative Writer

To many people, time management is a scary thing to deal with. And although some deny their troubles with tiresome time, everyone has problems when it comes to time management. Adulthood only gets tougher too, between work, family, relaxation, and investments. So what’s the deal with all this talk about time? Well, students are heavily affected by time management, maybe even more than you may know. So that’s what this article is about, to point out the problems and solutions relating to this tricky twisted time trouble, and explain how both student and teacher can improve.


                               The Usual Time Takers

For many students this scenario must sound familiar. You get home from a long day of school, and decide to relax before doing your homework. You pick up your phone and watch some youtube videos, now it’s been 45 minutes and your still procrastinating. This is common among many students, video games, YouTube, and social media pulling us in before we get the chance to do that important homework. These are the usual time taker, digital wonders turning into nightmares that take all those precious study hours for themselves. But there are simple and easy solutions to this problem. You and your parents can work out some rules on how you should balance tech-time with homework time. Or simpler yet, alarms and notifications can be set on your phone to remind you when to stop playing and start working. With these reminders in place, your time is your time to use, make sure you use it wisely though.

                              Due Dates and Deadlines

It is indeed a students responsibility to complete and turn in their work on time. But have you ever looked at a due date for your latest assignment and went, WHAT! How am I going to turn this in on time! Well that there is another problem I want to address, teachers need to understand that not all students work the same way. Some students are fast workers, some are slower and need more time. So when there’s only four days to come up with a story, fill out an organizer, type out a rough draft, type a final draft, edit it, have it peer edited, and make final adjustments based off of peer edits, it’s a little overwhelming for those slow working students. Due dates for these assignments should be fair to all, and if a student needs just a little more time to complete that one assignment then that time should be given to them.

                                     Final Thoughts

Time management is tricky, I know what it’s like to struggle getting through all the school work piled on top of you. But there are ways to help improve your time management skills, and if this article doesn’t help you, then there are other articles that can. Time management is an important skill, and anyone can improve at it if they put in the effort to break their bad habits. So, with that being said, all I have left to say is this. Don’t let time manage you, you, manage your time.