Family Scouting in BSA

Mia B

In February, Boy Scouts of America edited its rules. For many years, the scouts’ sisters had been going along with the scouts to campouts, activities, hikes, and other events. Some troops gave the sisters a little treasure chest for working so hard and completing these scouting tasks. Some things inside included erasers, candies, and other small treats. However, these small awards could never be equivalent to a uniform, patches, and recognition in the Court of Honor. 

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are very different organizations. While both are great organizations for middle schoolers, in my opinion, scouts should have a choice. Would you rather, personally, be in the activities of BSA, or GSA? I think that choice should be fully up to the scout.

As it turns out, the leaders of BSA had a similar mindset to mine, because they made it so girls can not only join Scouts BSA, but also Cub Scouts. Scouts BSA is a great opportunity to practice good citizenship skills, leadership skills, team skills, survival skills, common knowledge, and more. I think these are all great skills for middle schoolers to be familiar with, both boys and girls. However, before it was not possible.

How does the new version of BSA differ from the one before? Simple. The company did not make any changes to the scout activities or handbook. For the girls’ handbook, the only changes are pronouns from him to her, and example pictures of girls instead of boys doing the activities. The only change besides the handbook is that there always has to be a female leader at every meeting. 

I myself am in scouting with Troop 1920. We numbered our troop this way because in 1920, a lot of things changed for women, just like they have changed in scouting. Alright, quick mini history lesson here. In 1920, after many years of working for it, women were granted the right to vote. They stopped wearing frilly dresses daily and wore more clothing fit for work. Troop 1920 was founded in February, so our one-year anniversary is coming up. Some girls’ troops have used the fact that they are new as an excuse to not do the normal things that are done in Scouts BSA, but our troop went tent camping every single month, just like it instructs in the handbook. If anyone is interested, Troop 1920 needs new members and will welcome you warmly. 

To summarize, Scouts BSA is a great opportunity for all middle schoolers, and I encourage you to join!