Skate Boarding vs Fingerboarding


Alec D, Tavish H, and Leo C

Disclaimer: if you have a Tech Deck you should probably get a proper professional fingerboard.  Companies include P-rep, Black River, and FlatFace.  Having a professional fingerboard ensures cleaner tricks.

You probably already know about skateboarding and a fingerboarding. I think it’s really enjoyable, but you will probably have another opinion. Like me, you would very likely be addicted to it immediately. In fact, I think Fingerboarding is really trying to calm the mind and relieve stress like the fidget cube or the fidget spinner. In my school Fingerboards are very common, you see people doing tricks.  Tricks are very easy to learn much less like a real skateboard and are less frustrating.  Tricks include the Shove It, Ollie or the Kickflip. Fingerboards are THE BIG BOOM in 2019.

Why do People Like Fingerboards and Skateboarding?

The big question is why do people like fingerboards.   From my point of view, I like fingerboards because they’re satisfying, you can do tricks and customize your board like putting graphics on the bottom and making the wheels your own color. Skateboarding is a whole different universe then Fingerboarding. Skateboarding has to do with your feet and lower body strength.  Also, it takes longer to learn the tricks much less get them consistent. As being a skater I know the frustration of learning a new trick and how long it takes to learn them.  Although I am a supporter of skating, I think that if you are frustrated by trying learning a trick on a skateboard you should learn that same trick on a fingerboard.  Landing a trick you can’t do on a skateboard on a fingerboard brings the same satisfaction of landing it on a skateboard.  Skateboarding is good because it enhances your leg and lower body strength.  Also, it helps you get exercise because you are moving your whole body while when you fingerboard you are either standing or sitting in a chair.

Why Does Quality Matter?

Many of you have probably read the disclaimer mentioned about about Tech Decks and are probably thinking about why what brand you have matters.  One reason is that the brand actually helps to get you tricks cleaner.  For example, Tech Decks use a dry, thin, rough-textured grip tape while other brands use soft foamy textured grip tapes.  The foamy grip tape features more grip ensuring higher ollies.  It also helps level out your tricks which gives them a cleaner look.  Another part of the board where quality matters is the deck.  Tech Deck’s decks are made out of plastic which allows less pop which lowers your ollies.  Other brands feature wooden decks that have more pop giving you ollies a higher look.  Tech Decks are fine if you are a beginner but as the range of your tricks grows bigger you might find it harder to do them because of the type of fingerboard.

Board Setup Tips

Before it’s too late and you set up your board wrong, here are a few tips on setting the board up.  First, when you put on the trucks, make sure both kingpins are facing each other.  When you set up your board you will probably put the grip tape on over the bolts.  This will prevent you from being able to tighten the bolts when they get loose.  So you should put the bolts on over the grip tape.  When doing a grip job on a deck, some companies have square grip tape that you have to trim; others might have grip tape shaped like an oval that you don’t have to trim.  I would prefer the square grip tape because it covers a lot of the deck allowing more grip.  When trimming, it is customary to use a razor blade because trimming with a razor blade makes cleaner cuts.  You may still have oddly shaped bits in the end so when trimming those parts, you should use a nail file or some sandpaper.  Here’s another tip:  When tightening your trucks, you shouldn’t tighten them too much because if you do, it will cause the bushings, (the rubber rings under the kingpin) to burst resulting in looser trucks.  This next one isn’t really a tip but it is something you should do:  When carrying a fingerboard around, you should always have a tool with you.  When walking, the fingerboard will be thrown and pushed around causing the kingpin to loosen.  You might not realize it but by the end of the day, your kingpin might be so loose the truck is falling off.  This is the time to use your tool.  But, if you don’t have your tool you could use a pencil eraser to screw the kingpin back into place.

Tech Deck Insults

Tech Decks are a fingerboard brand in which most people probably get their first fingerboards.  Tech Deck fingerboards consist of cheap plastic decks with some kind of lame graphic on the bottom.  The grip tape is a dry rough textured piece of paper stuck onto the deck.  The “grip tape” on tech decks have holes in them so it is easier to fix the bolts. This makes the deck look uglier and they can break easily, plus their ramps might seem like a good deal but their cheap plastic just as bad as their fingerboards and tech deck ramps are not the most reliable ramps of them all.