Lucas’ Deep Dive Into Marvel Issue #3: #SKRULLSEARCH

Lucas' Deep Dive Into Marvel Issue #3: #SKRULLSEARCH

Lucas P

Marvel Studios had tons of mega surprises shown in the movie: “SpiderMan: Far from home.” Apart from the the first post-credits shown in the movie that basically made us ask “WT??”, we have to take a look at the second post-credits scene. This scene showed that for the entirety of this movie (and this is a better surprise than the last one), Maria Hill and Nick Fury were skrulls. More specifically is what their names are: Talos, and his wife, Soren. If you remember who these guys are, they appeared in the movie “Captain Marvel.” In this theory, I am going to explain what the heck happened here and if we were blinded by the fact that both Talos and Soren were around longer than we thought they were in this episode of “#SKRULLSEARCH.”

So, before we need to get into this theory, we have to look back on who the heck are the Skrulls. The Skrulls are a big menace to entire planets in which they can morph into anyone at anytime possible. They were so hard for anyone to figure out who exactly is a Skrull, that especially the Avengers were tricked multiple times during the famous comic book story line “Secret Invasion.” There are three types of skrulls, but I’m only going to talk about the green, original Skrulls since they are the only ones featured in the MCU. Now, the movie “Captain Marvel” featured the Skrulls as apparently good guys, which I think is all a set-up in order for the Skrulls to take over Earth, but right now, we just know that they are innocent aliens to who just hate the Kree for everything that they had done to the Skrulls. We also know that they apparently went back to their home planet so that they can live in peace once again. After the post-credit scene in the second Spider Man movie, we haven’t heard or seen any updates about the appearance of these two Skrulls. But that does mean that I am going to explain what is going on.

The reason why Talos and Soren appeared in the Spider Man movie was because the real Nick Fury was in outer space, in a spaceship, hanging out with a Skrull civilization in it. My theory, as to why Nick Fury and why Maria Hill are in a spaceship is because they are leading the Skrulls to create an all new and improved SHIELD base, but this place has a new name being made (which I think it is possible to be right) which is called S.W.O.R.D. SWORD is basically SHIELD but it handles “Avenger-level” threats throughout space. Future Marvel directors all confirmed that they are all pitching in to take the new Marvel saga out into space and beyond. So, with this being the case, it probably is true that we will see the future development of SWORD, along with the so-called “alliance” of the Skrulls. Now, the reason Nick Fury is living out his days with the future alliance is because he knows the Skrulls personally (that run-in with Captain Marvel and the Skrulls back in the movie) and he knows that he can at least trust him to create something new, something that can help benefit the rest of the galaxy, apart from the Guardians of the Galaxy (I have no clue how to handle those guys) but I can assure you that from what we saw so far from Marvel, they know how to handle the universe and beyond because they want to get into more sci-fi adventures like from space or from other dimensions (courtesy of the second “Doctor Strange” sequel).

Now, let’s get into the real mystery here: were the Skrulls around longer than we thought they were? There’s actually some pretty decent proof of this if we take a look back in the MCU. First up, we need to look at Nick’s fake death from 2014’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” specifically in the scene where Nick Fury was shot at Captain America’s apartment by the winter soldier and it wasn’t pretty clear as to how Nick Fury survived but I’m guessing that this guy is not Fury, but possibly a Skrull. I mean, seriously, the dude was shot with a sniper and it is impossible for somebody to survive that kind of attack. Next, we have to look at 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” where Nick Fury first appeared unexpectedly at Hawkeye’s family barn and the weird thing here is that he just showed up randomly without telling anyone through any communications at all. It is also impossible that he would have known where the Avengers were since they went off the grid after the fallout with Ultron back in South Africa. There’s also this weird line that Nick Fury brought up that didn’t make any sense: “The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes. They had finally decided to come back to Earth.” Yeah, super weird to understand. Then, later in the film, during the final act of the movie, Nick Fury managed to get a new helicarrier just so he can save the innocent lives of Sokovia. My question is: where in the world did he get a new helicarrier? All of the old ones either got scrapped or blown up but I’m guessing Fury probably contacted the Skrulls to help him get a new ship just to help supply as backup. Now, in the post-credits scene of 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War,” there’s nothing to help claim my evidence but there is one thing I noticed. In the movie, “Captain Marvel,” Fury tells Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) that everybody he knows calls him only Fury. Although, “Infinity War,” Maria Hill says the word “Nick” 3 times. Now, it doesn’t apply much, but I know that the real Nick Fury wouldn’t allow anyone else he knows to call him “Nick” so I’m guessing that, the Maria Hill and Nick Fury that appeared in “Infinity War” are not the real guys, but are actually Talos and Soren, still trying to cover their fake identities, even for the fact that they are in danger, even in the middle of the biggest emergencies yet to unveil in the future. Now, I’m just spit-balling here when I say that the Fury who appeared at Tony Stark’s funeral at the end of “Avengers:Endgame” was the real Fury. Yeah, I know it is crazy but come on, he knew the guy personally as a companion and also a friend. He just had to be there.

So, there you have it folks, hopefully you can now understand who is considered to be a Skrull and who is considered to be real and this is just one possible speculation that has yet to be uncovered from Marvel Studios beyond every single other thing we have to yet wait for the future. Overall, how do you think the Skrulls would be played in the future and do you think that the Maria Hill and Nick Fury that we have known to love have been Skrulls the whole time? Join me on my next issue as we uncover the true identity of who could play the Taskmaster in the “Black Widow” prequel. Thank you for joining me and I seriously hope we get new info about this theory so that I can make another issue of #SKRULLSEARCH because if we don’t, then I’m am just going to explode.

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