Battle Bots: It’s Robot Fighting Time!!!


Bronco, a heavy weight robot with a powerful weapon.

Leo D.

Battle Bots: The Robots and the Builders

Many know the robot fighting competition known as “Battle Bots” but many do not, so I thought I might write this article. To shed light on the world of Battle Bots, and the process that lies inside the show. First of all Battle Bots is a giant robot fighting competition that takes place in different locations each year. Engineers from all over the world come together in groups to build battle robots and fight through multiple rounds of competition in order to win the grand prize. This prize is a trophy known as the Giant Nut, and these engineers are determined to build the fastest, strongest, and meanest robot to win this trophy, (and the $10,000 dollar prize as well).

A brief history of some mean bots

If you are building a robot in the Battle Bots competition you need to ask yourself a lot of questions. Will my robot perform basic functions? Will my robot still look aesthetically pleasing while being efficient? And most importantly:  Can my robot rip through my opponents as if they were paper! In the world of battle bots if you want to be recognized you gotta earn your title, that being said, here are some robots that did just that.

Bronco, a heavy weight robot with a powerful weapon.

First up on the list of glory, Bronco. Built by Reason Bradley and Alexander Rose, this robot has been competing for 23 years and has a win percentage of 61%. This robot attacks by flipping other robots high into the air and then watching them splat to the ground with an echoing thud. Bronco is notorious for flipping bots out of the arena and being almost indestructible. One thing is for sure though, this California bot is a force to be reckoned with.

Brazilian bot with a bad temper.

Next up on this list of the greats is a Brazilian bot with a bad temper. Minotaur made its debut 16 years ago and has made its reputation very clear, to shred through every robot it sees. Made by Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, this robot attacks with a horizontal drum spinner that shreds through metal like a hot knife through butter. Its sheer attack power combined with its overwhelming speed makes minotaur’s 68% win percentage no surprise at all. Commentators Chris Rose and Kenny Florian have mentioned minotaur’s weapon sounds like a jet plane when fired up.

King of the robot fighting ring.

And finally, the last robot on this list is one well known to all Battle Bots fans, it is considered the king of the robot fighting ring and is feared by many, I’m talking about the one, the only, Tombstone. Built by Ray Billings this robot has a reputation to top all Battle Bot reputations. Its weapon is an insanely powerful horizontal bar spinner that has literally split bots in half before. After 18 years of competing and a win percentage of 83%, this robot should be feared.

The reason why Battle Bots Is Awesome

Battle Bots is so much more than it seems to be on the outside. There’s so much diversity and creativity and processes of testing that it’s almost hard to imagine that all of this goes into just one show. To put it simply, Battle Bots is awesome, it is a place of epic science where talented people from different places and different backgrounds get together and fight some robots. And when I watched pit reporter Jenny Taft reveal what goes on in the building pits, I was amazed. There was engineering magic happening everywhere and people from other teams were helping each other and chatting like true friends. Battle Bots truly is a unique experience and if you want to learn more about it, watch it on the Science Channel or visit the official Battle Bots website at And now to end things off, in the words of ring announcer Faruq Tauheed “It’s robot fight’n time!!!”