The Yearbook Cover Contest


Karina T.

We are all made of Stories

Katya F

Every year Shady Grove gets new students, a handful or so of those students LOVE to draw, and for those people, SGMS as the perfect thing for you! The yearbook cover contest! Now you may be sitting there reading taking a break from Minecraft or whatever kids do. Like taping Peppas!~ Oops getting off track, anyway. The yearbook cover contest is where a student from SGMS draws the cover of the yearbook to show fellow peers their talents. Why does SGMS do this contest? Well it’s so peers of the lucky winner buy the yearbook to support their “BFF” or whatever. Plus this gets more kids involved with the yearbook, now when is this AMAZING drawing due? Well it’s due November 1, 2019, or at least the week of Nov. first. The people running this contest are Ms. Cowart and Mrs. Joshua, the three essentials are:

  1. There must be a Timberwolf, our school mascot
  2. It has to relate with the theme, “We are all made of stories.”
  3. It has to be creative.

And the long awaited answer, the winner gets a FREE year book. Drawings can be turned in to Ms. Cowart at room E228 in the 7th grade hall and Mrs. Joshua in E104 in the 8th grade hall 🙂