Peppa the Pig


Katya F and Ginelle

Peppa Pig, that one famous pig everyone knows. She wasn’t just a pig. She was a student at SGMS! Yes. This very school. She was taped to every single part of the school, on the lockers,gym, bathroom, classrooms & last underneath tables also chairs. There was no way people could escape her. She was the popular student at SGMS not even teachers can escape SHE WAS EVERYWHERE.

Peppa wasn’t everybody’s favorite once, but then people on YouTube & Tiktok got her even more famous. There were edits, songs and videos of JUST PEPPA PIG! (which is good). There was once a pig named Olivia but after a while they cancelled her so when Oliva was gone Peppa came to show her amazingness. Peppa had always been the best she had won so many awards even little kids love her. Peppa was just too good for people so instead they made a whole show about her from clips-to episodes-to seasons.

Peppa sometimes had problems with her brother George, like when he wanted to play but Peppa would be a brat and scream “NO”. Then George would scream “Dinosaur” or ROAR back to her. She also had a friend named Suzy the sheep, or as I call her, Suzy the Salty Sheep. Like that one episode of Peppa the Pig where she called up Suzy and was like, “Aye can YOU whistle? I bet you can’t ’cause you is dumb.” But then Suzy whistled and Peppa was like BEEEEEEEEEP.

They were many different versions of her, like VSCO Peppa, iPhone 11 Peppa and that’s the Tea Peppa. Now you may think this person is insane (please don’t she MAY have written this article sooooo) She was mostly in the seventh grade hall, but people spread her, she was an infection that spread EVERYWHERE quickly, high and low. Some people made tik tocks saying, “PEPPA wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg In My ScHoOl?!?!” Buuuut anyway, it has sadly ended, maybe because someone got in trouble ;—;. But, here are some fun facts about peppa :>

We also interviewed some people about this infection

Julia, a 7th grader.- Have you seen any peppas?- Her answer? Yes, second question, Do you know who is doing it? Her answer was yes. Who was it? I asked, it was Katie, oh wait that’s you. she answered. haha ha haha. NEXT PERSON… one else…oop. anyway on to fun facts :>

  1. She weighs 1700 pounds
  2. She is about 7 feet tall
  3. Daddy pigs real name is Percy
  4. Mommy pigs real name is Pam 
  5. It’s filmed in the UK 
  6. She is 4 years of age
  7. George’s first word was “DINOSAUR.”
  8. Her talent is jUmPiNg Up AnD dOwN iN mUdDy PuDdLeS
  9. She has a very good singing voice
  10. She released an album
  11. The Clickety-Clack song is LITTT.
  12.  It was trending instantly
  14. There are two Peppa Pig theme parks (SCHOOL FIELD TRIP?!) 
  15. Peppa has been on stamps.  
  16. Daddy pig is 14.2 feet 
  17. Peppa has 4 eyes like her friends and FAMMM.
  18. The child voice actor may have got murdered by her father so that’s why Peppa sadly stopped.