The Halloween Horror


Estelle T., Writer

It was Halloween, and Summer and Brendan were excited about their school Halloween party. They were twins, which was pretty obvious to anyone who saw them. They both had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, not to mention they were both very mischievous. They both had their costumes on and were ready to go to school. “Are you set to devour candy and become HYPER!?” screamed Brendan. Brendan seemed to already be hyper. “Shh! Mom will hear us! She’s tired from a long shift.” Brendan and Summer’s mom was a nurse. She worked long shifts.

They got on the bus and saw everyone’s costumes. Susie was a cat, Billy was a fat football coach. They all had amazing costumes. Summer and Brendan have had the same Halloween costumes for 5 years! They always were peanut butter and jelly. They hated it. But, it was all they had. Not to mention that it was Halloween. And it was 102 degrees! The costumes were HOT!

Once they were at school, it was time for the Halloween Party! When they got to the classroom, they had a good party and we’re tired and ready to go treat or treating. When they got home, their dad was home and was ready to take them out to trick or treat! “BUT DAD!” said Summer, “We want to go trick or treating by ourselves!”. “OK, OK, fine” their parents agreed. They set out and started to trick or treat. Until they saw a black figure come out of the darkness. They ran. He caught up with them and cut their heads off.

The End