Lucas’ Deep Dive Into Marvel Studios- Issue #1: IS MYSTERIO ALIVE?

Lucas’ Deep Dive Into Marvel Studios- Issue #1: IS MYSTERIO ALIVE?

Lucas P

The movie “Spiderman: Far from home” had lots of action, drama, and mind-blowing surprises from every scene imaginable. One of those surprises showed Spiderman killing Mysterio after a sneaky surprise attack that was ultimately foiled by Mysterio. This scene captivated millions of viewers by utter shock and it begs the question: is Mysterio really dead? The answer to that is: a positive no. In this breakdown, I’m going to be explaining as to how this theory goes and SPOILER WARNING if you haven’t seen “Spiderman: Far from Home” or any other MCU movies entirely. 

This theory makes sense when you’re looking at this very closely in terms of whether mysterio is dead or not. You can sort of connect this to something I call the Loki effect. While some of you may be questioning this response, let me explain. If you recall from multiple MCU movies from the past, you would know that Loki, who is a lying, mischievous prankster, always had his so-called “deaths” to be a hoax. For example, in 2011’s “Thor,” you would know that Loki did not die by falling from the Rainbow Bridge. He was later revealed to be alive at the end of the movie, while Nick Fury was showing Dr. Erik Selving the tesseract and was going to ask him if he can help SHIELD commence Project PEGASUS, there in that moment, Loki showed up undetected, mind-controlled Selving in order to respond with a simple “Yes.” This kept happening over and over again with 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World” and with 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame.” (In case you didn’t realize, in the Avengers’ time heist of which the Avengers went back in time to collect the Infinity Stones, in 2012, the Loki from that timeline, escaped with the Tesseract when Tony Stark and Scott Lang failed to conceived it and Loki will be reappearing in his own show on Disney Plus very soon.) Anyway, my point is if people like Loki can be that sneaky as to try to escape any other hero that exists, then Mysterio would be a heck of a genius to try to pull off something like that. This can make more sense if Mysterio had some help from his own team in order to help him pull off this kind of stunt.

If you recall, Mysterio had a bunch of fired Stark Industries all team up to help Mysterio in order to take down Spiderman and claim himself as the next “Iron Man.” Throughout the movie, Mysterio’s team were so smart when devising the whole “superhero-saving-the-day” plan when using advanced special effects and CGI by using Stark Industries’ drones to pull off the whole lie. While creating this plan, Mysterio would probably be smart enough to create a type of “fail safe” when it comes to being killed by the actual hero. Just imagine, in the final shot of Mysterio slowly being killed by the bullet entirely and of which Peter Parker says to his EDITH glasses if Mysterio was actually dead, the EDITH glasses would be giving a fake response if the EDITH glasses were being hacked by Mysterio’s gang and that there was a drone that was hovering around silently, that was actually giving a fake version of the actual Mysterio corpse that was on the floor in the final moments of the scene. This could actually be true when it comes to being the greatest illusionist of all time. What do you think about this theory? Do you think Mysterio is actually dead or not? Join in next time when I talk about the upcoming first Marvel phase 4 prequel, “Black Widow.” 


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 Answer will be in the next issue!!

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