Outdoor Ed

Maya Pulliam and Katya Fuksenko

It’s finally March, 6th graders of SGMS are excited for Outdoor Ed! Outdoor Ed is a nice way to learn how it will feel in college and in life, and learn different types of science first hand. Not only that, but you get a break from technology, and your parents…anyway, most 7th and 8th graders remember going to Outdoor Ed. This year the 6th graders will go to the Smith Center! The 3 days you are at outdoor Ed, you will be able to earn SSL hours (student service learning hours), meet new friends, find your inner self. But it will be organized in a schedule, like at school each person has a different schedule, meaning you may have Bay studies first, and so on. On the day of departing, you will arrive to school at 8:45-9:30 a.m. You are allowed only two pieces of luggage. The last day of Outdoor Ed, you will arrive at school at 1 p.m. and leave to go home, that is right! You are out of school for 3 days! Some things you are can bring are: a camera, flip flops for the shower, sunscreen, insect spray, a watch, lip balm, shorts (rec time only), pen/pencil, a book, journal, binoculars, compass, small games and a bandana as a napkin. Teachers and 6th grade students have this to say about Outdoor Ed. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

This year (2018 -2019)

Connor. L: It was fun and I liked the tag thing (Predator Prey)

Maya P: My favorite part of Outdoor Ed was the treasure earth because we got to choose our groups. Also during the scavenger hunt we got to go alone in the woods on the trail without a chaperone. That was probably the funnest part.

Katya F: My favorite part was probably stream study because my group caught two crayfish which belong to taxa two, which also shows the streams health. Plus we were able to choose our groups and we each could have our own duty/job to do in this fun activity.  

Mrs. Riggs: It was fun, students who weren’t normally seen as leaders were more of leaders at Outdoor Ed.

Mrs. Hobbs: It was my very first time and I had a wonderful time. Also I liked the Planetarium.

Dr.Murray: It was amazing! The 6th graders were well behaved and participated with lots of excitement!

Mrs. Escobar: I loved the campfire. I think students were well behaved and they loved the s’mores, and we had fun telling sIlLy StOrIeS.


Mr. Kim: ( 2 yrs ago) He went, but doesn’t remember although the 8th graders said he did.

Mrs. J: Last year she had loved it, her favorite activity was the stream study, and overall the kids were well behaved.


Mrs Ehrlich:  The kids had to figure out rotations, lots of teachers stayed and helped, and the 6th grade class had no regular classes.

Mrs.Dakiwltz: I did social studies lessons on China and some on the atlas.

Mrs.Singh: I taught her classes because she had mixed grade levels, 6th, 8th and 7th, she and 7th in the morning so there was no hard impact.



At Outdoor Ed there are so many activities and things to do. Some 7th and 8th graders may remember some of the activities they did at Outdoor Ed. Like the steam study, predator prey, geo-caching/treasure earth (gps treasure earth scavenger hunt), confidence course, sleeping overnight in the cabins, the planetarium, night hike, doing KP duty in the cafeteria, and best of all, the campfire. But some 6th graders may remember the worst part. Pulling up wine-berry weeds. It was hard and painful, but at least we got SSL hours! Also some of you guys may remember the groups you were in like Black/Brown Bears, Mountain Lions, and Red Foxes.