The Memories of Shady Grove 2018-2019!


Pride Time – Board Games

Katya Fuksenko

The year of 2018-2019, Shady Grove MS is one to remember! students met new friends and saw new faces, students and teachers worked together and cooperated very well, the pep rallies were always very close! The amazing band, orchestra and chorus concerts are unforgettable. However there are teachers leaving next year, they are also quite amazing and unforgettable, they have taught many and worked together with many great students! All the clubs are fun, also something hard to forget! The pack pride time events were incredible ! All the PBIS events have helped students evolve to a better version of themselves! Every single teacher and student here at Shady Grove are kind, thoughtful, honest and smart, they are all friendly! Over the year e have seen students reach their best version of themselves, they have also learned new things they shall keep with them, the memory of outdoor ED, concerts, pep rallies and etc. have helped students communicate, I have interviewed a few students and teachers about this year!

Katya. F: My favorite memory is probably all the clubs I’ve been too, including yoga club and newspaper club, I enjoy them and the activities we used to do, but Yoga club only lasted till winter, and the last meeting of newspaper is tomorrow ( 5-28-19 )

Allison. H: “My favorite memory is going to Art and Activism, they had fun activities we could do with friends!”

Andrew. L: “ My favorite memory is making new friends.”

Mrs. Hobbs: “My favorite memory was outdoor ED, it was fun and educational.”

Josh.R: “Shady Grove Drama department showing the Lion King, I was young Simba..ROAR!”

Cameron.L:”My favorite memory is being in the drama production, “Honk.” I was Penn!”


Mrs. Brazil, Dr. Murray & Mrs. Escobar
Mrs. Brazil, Dr. Murray & Mrs. Escobar