The 4 Pep Rallies of SGMS

Here in SGMS we hold 4 pep rallies every year, the first pep rally was won by the 8th graders, the second one was won by the 7th graders than the third one was won again by the 7th graders. We are sad to say there is only 1 more pep rally of 2019.

The last pep rally will take place on May 24th. Before this pep rally there is a Spirit Week:

  • The first day ( Monday ) is Missed Alarm Day or PJ day
  • Tuesday will be Twin Day – Dress up as your friend or twin on Twin Tuesday
  • On Wednesday we will be our favorite Meme/Vine. Bring in the funniest things
  • On Thursday it will be wear you dress up like the 80’s or wear a red nose
  • Friday is the long awaited Pep Rally – 6th grade wears white, 7th wears blue and 8th wears red to honor Memorial Day

Before the pep rally there will be your be loved Pack Pride Time. During PARCC testing there was a attendance challenge, whoever had the most people at school during those three days would get 5 points! 6th grade won ALL three days and now has a total of 15 points which puts them in the lead!  We have interviewed a few teachers and students from SGMS.

Andrew. L: Q: Who do think will win the pep rally? A: 8th

Nadia. C: Q: Are you excited for the pep rally? A: Absolutely! I love when we do the break down!

Kayla F : Q:Are you excited for the pep rally? A: Heck yeah!! We are going to win for sure!!

Ms. Machis: Q: Are you excited about the pep rally? Who do you think will win? A: I do love the way the pep rally brings the hole school together and it promotes school spirit camaraderie. Really nice privilege for a middle school to go to the pep rally. 6th grade might win.

Rachel. T: Q:What grade are you in? A: 6th grade Q: Did wear white? A: Yes  A: Did you participate in any games? A: No.

Mr.Coyle: Q: Who did you support for the break down? A: 8th graders deserved the win

Q: What color were you wearing A: Black, neutral Shady Grove shirt.

Q: Why did you support the 8th graders? A: They had the best break down

Ms. Hobbs

Mr. Kim