Invent The Future


Katya Fuksenko

Have you ever wanted to build something, or even create something? Well, Invent The Future does just that! The Club Leader is Mrs. Rowell, a 8th grade science teacher. At the beginning of the year, you can fill out forms to be able to join the club, not only that but the members build machines, work together as a team and attend challenges.

One they attended recently was on Saturday, May 11th. The public show case was from 1pm-2pm, and then afterwards there was an awards ceremony from 2pm-3pm. There were different groups, which all had something to do with wildlife. The machines goal for this challenge was to help the environment. A few creations were:

  • “Aid” by the Delfini Tridents, who have created AID, in that group there was, Zoe, Elisa, Jacob, Jaden and Simmi
  • “Trash Boy” by the Marine Animals the people in that group were, Bryce, Anna, Jack, Connor and Dinushka
  • “Wild Robot” by the Land Animal, the humans in that group were Madeline, Cameron, Biannca and Maya

After the Challenge, Connor from the Marine Animals team answered a couple of questions:

TT: Why did you join Invent the Future?
Connor: I joined because I like to create, invent and just work together as a team.

TT: What did you do for this challenge summit?
Connor: Invention that can help the environment, I made Trash Boy!

Ms. Rowell and the Invent the Future team at the Challenge on May 11, 2019.
Ms. Rowell, Maya Pulliam & Dr. Murray