International Night (May 30th)

Connor Lockwood

International Night is a night is where students and parents dress up as their culture and dance and do fun games! The best part is that there will be food brought from the kids and the teachers/parents. International Night is May 30th 2019, don’t miss it! Here’s some interesting information about Mr. Ferrante’s family: His dad immigrated in 1956 from Missouri, Italy was destroyed after World War 2. He was poor and had to quit school after 4th grade. His Dad had borrowed clothes and had to go hunt for his own dinner with a slingshot. Sister and him have really gotten into culture with food and art, They made a wine. He likes his culture because it will always be apart of him.

Another staff member, Ms. Alegre told us that her Mom is from Colombia and her Dad is from Peru. They only ever eat Hispanic foods. They love children, green pasta, dancing, and speaking Spanish everyday. What she likes about her culture is that she loves to be close to family members. She also has 30 cousins.

Mr. Jefferson is American and went to French school even though is family is not french. The foods he likes from the French culture are crepes, stew, good bread, and an egg pie.

Get ready for international night! (May 30th)

Mr. Ferrante
Mr. Jefferson
Ms. Alegre