The Lion King Jr.

Alisha Kazmi

Did you know that the Drama club reenacted The Lion King? It costs millions to even have a production on it, and Shady Grove hit the best play yet! I interviewed Mrs. Mah to see how hard it was for them to direct it.

“How many students were in “The Lion King” play?”

Mrs. Mah: “Over 80 people.”

“Wow! Who was the main characters?”

Mrs. Mah: “It was Josh Rubenstein as young Simba and Sebastian Lopez-Morales as Adult Simba.”

“What was your opinion on the play?”

Mrs. Mah: “It was great! It was a very tricky show. We had a fog machine and it was full of life! It was a lot of hard work, we started in January and we couldn’t have done it without the parent volunteers either.”

This production was exactly like the movie. The plot was how young Simba grew up without a father, and the production was more creative and dramatic. Mufasa passed away, and Scar didn’t get away with it.

“Which production was your favorite during your years here?”

“The Little Mermaid. It looked like they were floating when they used the machine that lifted them. And they made it completely funny with life. Also my first play was my favorite because I didn’t know what I was doing! Haha!”

Well, you guys heard it. Maybe ask more friends who were in it if you didn’t see it!