Cinco De Mayo !!!

Cinco De Mayo !!!

Leonardo De Luca, Writer/illustrator

When you hear someone say “IT’S CINCO DE MAYO!!!” you may know it’s a holiday, but do you really know what Cinco De Mayo is? Well lucky for you, I will have all the answers in this article entirely dedicated to Cinco De Mayo. First let’s talk about what it is. I have interviewed Spanish teacher and Cinco De Mayo expert, Sra. Quiroz! I asked her and she had this to say: Cinco De Mayo represents the battle between the Mexicans and the French, this was known as the Puebla Battle. The large French army demanded money from the Mexicans, money they could not provide. So they fought! And amazingly the small Mexican army from the city of Puebla was victorious!

Now that we have learned how the holiday started, let’s see where it is most celebrated in the world. According to Sra Quiroz the holiday of Cinco De Mayo is celebrated mostly in the U.S! But it is of course very big in Mexico mainly in the city of Puebla, where the battle was fought. But mostly people celebrate it because they just want a day of, (who can blame them?).

Now that we know the holidays origins and where it is celebrated, it’s time for the big question. How do you celebrate Cinco De Mayo? In Mexico there is a huge parade where people will dress up, sing, dance, and celebrate the holiday of Cinco De Mayo. As for food there are no specific foods that are eaten for the celebration, traditional food is still eaten on that day, (not saying it’s not delicious food though).

Well there you have it, we have learned so much about this special Mexican holiday it makes me want to celebrate it right now! I hope you enjoyed this and might have found it useful. That’s all for now, adios mis amigos!!!