Beware the Wendigo

Beware the Wendigo

Katya Fuksenko

This story takes place in Blue Moon town, Northeast portion of Alaska. Blue Moon was always a place of mystery, magic and most importantly, cold. A short black haired girl was exploring Alaska, her blue eyes were the only thing that could light a cabin while it was snowing outside. Everyone adored her, some girls even looked up to her! She always had good grades, she played the piano and the flute and was really good at playing them. She had two huskies and two Russian blue cats. But one day she went to play in the woods. She brought one of her huskies. She was walking and all she could hear was the snow crunching under her feet and her dogs paws. Her mother had said, “You can go play in the woods but you have to be able to see the cabin, got it Snowy?” Snowy had just remembered that. She looked behind her and her dog. She didn’t see the cabin. She and her dog ran the way they came. But thEn they went right instead of straight. They found themselves in a circle of trees. They looked down and saw a pile of bones. She screamed. Then she heard a voice of her mother, “Snowy!”

“Where are you mother..?” Snowy questioned.

“I’m coming stay there!”  Snowy got a bad feeling. She looked to her left and heard rustling in the bushes. Then that same sound filled the forest. She ran, her dog trailed behind her. Then, she saw the cabin. A little while later she made it to the steps. She told her mother everything that happened. “It c-cant be..i-it’s back..!”

“What is?” Snowy asked.

“The Wendigo,” the Mother said. “Well, let me tell you about it. Anyone who is lost or is alone in the woods might encounter it. It can imitate anyone’s voice, like it did today. It is very hard to escape. Like your friend, Ashley. People said someone stabbed her was that thing you saw! If I say it’s name it might come for us. Stay in your room at night. Don’t open the windows, door and don’t respond to anyone!”

Time flashed, and before Snowy knew it, it was night. She locked her doors and windows She closed the blinds on the windows and fell asleep. She woke up at 6:55 a.m. She heard her name, “Snowy, it’s gone!” But she didn’t respond. Then the voice changed and sounded angry, “YOU BETTER RESPOND SNOWY, I WILL FIND YOU ONE DAY!” But then it disappeared. It was 7 a.m. Snowy ran to her mother and hugged her, but little did she know, her mother WAS the Wendigo. Snowy screamed and was never heard from again.

Beware the Wendigo!

The End! 🙂