Katya Fuksenko

“Straws, they seem harmless, at least to some humans. However, to me they are dangerous, maybe because I’m not a human,” said a beautiful siren. A fresh gust of wind blew her black hair behind her, revealing her bright blue eyes and black eye lashes. She had a midnight black outer ring around her bright blue eyes, she looked into the water and saw a straw. She picked it up, “Well, let me tell you some backstory about straws,” the siren said. “Well straws have been very popular. At first they were paper straws. Then fast food restaurants came along. Plastic straws became more popular and more than now they may as well be classified as famous. Try to remember when you first tried/drank from a straw. That same exact straw may still be somewhere on earth! Not only that but some restaurants serve a drink with a plastic straw even if you don’t ask! In landfills or even trash islands in the sea you will at least find like 100 straws, everyday about 22 million straws are used, a filthy human!”

The siren started singing ever so beautifully. The human came closer to her on the rocks. The human started walking up to her. She saw a straw within his hand. She made him fall. He hit his head upon a rock and the siren pulled the straw out of his hand. “See?” she said “Stop using plastic straws!” he siren said.

Straws affect the world around us. Burning them won’t do any good. That would cause air pollution. Neither will throwing them into water, that causes water pollution! I, Katya Fuksenko challenge the teachers and students to not use plastic straws for one week! Good Luck!