The 6 of 11 -Part 1-

The 6 of 11 -Part 1-

Katya Fuksenko


  • Pandora– Curious, nice, has black hair, aged 11, has two siblings, you can see her red eyes from a mile away! But at least it’s only when she is mad.
  • Hecate– One of Pandora’s brothers, he has black hair and green clover eyes, he lets his protective nature get the better of him, he is 12, a day older than Pandora and Seth
  • Seth-Twins with Pandora, also has black hair and red eyes when he is mad, he lets his anger get better of him
  • Enyd-Adventurous, has blonde hair, her eyes match the color of morning dew most of the time, she has a younger brother and an “older” sister
  • Kitte– Older than Enyd by 6 minutes, a realist, she lets reality get better of her.
  • Reve– Blonde hair like Kittie and Enyd, just like Kittie, he has blue eyes, he follows hopes and dreams before reality
  • Vanessa– She is a blonde haired and brown eyed, people describe her as a rude idiot, well at least Hecate, Kitte, Enyd, Seth, Reve and Pandora do.
  • Aisha– brown haired and green and brown eyed, she lets Vanessa’s fake friendship get better of her.
  • Ashley– Another friend of Vanessa’s, she also has blonde hair but she has black eyes
  • Maya– Black haired and brown eyed, one of Vanessa’s meanest and closest friends
  • Kim– Rude and pretty dumb, she has black hair and yellow eyes, which are one of the commonest eye colors.

          It was a chilly, stormy Saturday, around 6 a.m. when Seth, Hecate and Pandora were awake. They all were siblings. All of them had black hair, which made them be able to blend into the morning fog. Seth and Hecate were bunking, Seth was on top and Hecate on the bottom. Pandora was on top of a different bunk Under her was Enyd. She was also one out of 3 siblings. She had blonde hair and green eyes. On the next bunk was Enyd’s brother and sister. Kittie was sleeping on the bottom; their brother, Reve, he had brown hair like Kittie. But one similarity within this peculiar group was that they all had unknown forms. They had been at a camp, Midnight Branch. Seth got up and opened a window.

“It’s so iry!” shouted Kittie as she got off the bunk to go take a shower.

“ You said it,” Hecate whispered as he shivered. “And cold!”

“I just wonder why it is like this. I bet back at home it’s warm and cozy..and NOT iry,” Reve added.

“Let’s tell scary stories!” Pandora whispered.

“Sure we can’t go outside in this weather anyway.” Enyd said in confusion.

“Why such a strange look Enyd?” Kittie asked.

“L-look, there’s some animal!” Enyd shouted as she ran to her bunk and hid under the covers. Everyone hid under their covers.

“What’s going on?” Kittie asked.

“I don’t know!” Hecate answered.

“It’s gone.” Enyd shouted in relief.

“What was that-thing?” Seth asked as he flipped through his book of the “Strange and Unknown Animals book.”

“Someone is coming!” Pandora yelled.

“Y’all okay?” asked Meadow, one of the teachers.

“We’re all fine.” answered Kittie.

“Okay,” Meadow said as she left with her brown hair glowing in the morning sky. They could almost see a glow of her black and tried eyes.

“Y’all annoying!” yelled Vanessa from the other side of the cabin, her braided blonde hair went behind her as she sat up. Now everyone closest to the door could see her brown eyes.

“Go back to sleep brat!” Hecate yelled.

“Fine, idiots!” answered Vanessa in a rude tone of voice.

“Stop talking to yourself! Not our fault you have an E in everything and that you and all your friends have a ‘0’ GPA!” Seth shouted.

“Stop talking!” shouted Ashley, one of Vanessa’s blonde and green eyed friends.

“Exactly, losers!” answered Kim, another blonde haired friend of Vanessa.

“There are 11 of us and 5 of them trying to sleep!” yelled Aisha, another friend of Vanessa’s.

“What she said!” Maya shouted in a meaner tone. 

“Half-Wit!” yelled Pandora directing her voice to Vanessa, but suddenly, she felt sick, like someone was going to go into the cabin. Then all of the sudden, they heard the door knob of the front door start turning. The 6 of them hid but the other 5 stood up and went to see what it was. Then the 6 of them heard the screams of those 5 girls. Then they stopped. It felt like time had stopped. Silence filled the room. But then, a glow of red filled half of the room. Hecate, Seth and Pandora turned into demon wolves, and Pandora was a demon fox.

On the other side it filled with white. Kittie, Reve and Enyd turned into angel bunnies and Enyd was an angel wolf. They all flew into the front. They saw the creature. They all summoned their weapons. The three demons of the group called their bows and arrows and shields. The three angels had glowing hatchets and bows and arrows. They all worked together and destroyed the creature as they cleaned the bodies. They ran out the cabin and flew over the woods.

To be continued….