A List of Harry Potter Spells!!!

A List of Harry Potter Spells!!!

Leo De Luca

Expelliarmus: used to disarm another wizard a truly OUT OF HAND spell.

Expecto Patronum: Summons a patronus (physical manifestation of the users most joyful memories) that protects the user from dementors (creatures that feed on joy and spread sorrow). It makes me HAPPY knowing this spell exists.

Episkey: Heals minor injuries. Cuts, bruises, e.t.c. You know what they say, a good joke can always HEAL.

Engorgio: Makes objects grow in size. This spell is quite a BIG DEAL.

Evanesco: Causes objects to disappear. I had a good joke for this one but it just kind of VANISHED.

Descendo: Forces an object downward. I don’t know why but I’m feeling kind of DOWN today.

Diffindo: Causes the targeted to rip or tear. Frankly, my opinion is TORN on this spell.

Crucio: causes the victim extreme pain; it is one of the three unforgivable curses. It HURTS just to think about it.

Confundo: Confuses the target, leaving them confused an disoriented. This spell just…wait what was I talking about?

Finestra: shatters glass into powder (or just a lot of pieces). Wow! What a MIND SHATTERING spell!

Impedimenta: Keeps the victim from approaching the caster. I wrote down my joke for this one, but every time I tried to read it it would just push me back.

Imperio: Allows the user to control the victim’s mind and body. Another unforgivable curse.

Incendio: creates fire. I wanted to write a joke for this one, but I thought a BURN would be better.

Levicorpus: A nonverbal spell that dangles the victim in the air by their ankles. This spell definitely won’t LIFT anybody’s spirits.

Avada Kedavra: The killing curse, it kills you (unless your Harry Potter.) This spell makes me feel so DEAD inside.

Bubble-Head Charm: Creates a bubble around the wizards or witches head to breath underwater. A BREATH of fresh air in the spell world.

Well that it folks. If you still managed to survive despite my terrible puns, good job! I hope you enjoyed.