The Only People (Short story)


Fortune from Tragedy

Connor Lockwood

In Bakersfield California, A 9 year old boy, Kevin was sitting on the broken up couch in their family’s small living room. While Kevin got up to get a drink of water, he just realized he needed to do his daily donation to the poor. Kevin and his family put on their ripped shoes and went down the street while the temperature outside was 111 degrees outside, they were melting. They continued walking down the road until they found a group of people in bad clothing, like the ones Kevin and his family were wearing, when Kevin gave them the money, around a dollar or so. The group of people gave Kevin and his family a happy look. Like they saw nothing like this before.

“Thank you, thank you, much appreciated,” one of the men said. Kevin was very happy to see that they were happy. Kevin and their family decided to walk to another group. The other group were also very happy, but definitely not as much as the first group. Then Kevin’s family started to walk back, they thought they could donate at least to one more group or person on the streets. But then they saw that their family savings were gone. After all the savings they saved up for, they did not have enough to pay bills, get new clothing, help others, and the list kept going on. They had a TV and their bills were paid yesterday so they got to watch some TV. They used the chipped remote to turn on the small 45 inch TV and looked at the news.

“The weather next weekend is not looking too great,” the weather man said.

“Mom turn up the volume!”

“It is going to be cloudy and lots of rainfall. Also thunder, and a chance of an earthquake. We all need everyone to take shelter, I repeat we all need everyone to take shelter!”

“What the?” Kevin said as he heard the loud lighting and the power turning off. They all went downstairs into the basement. Everyone sat next to each other, with the lights not turning on.

“How long are we going to be here Mom and Dad?” Kevin’s dad said nothing, while sitting on the cold hard basement floor..

“Are we going to have enough power..?” said Kevin as he fell asleep. Not realizing their basement small window was ever so slightly open, the rain kept coming and coming in. Stronger than ever. Usually basements have a drain but this one did not.

6:32 A.M in the morning, Kevin woke up to a whole flood coming in, they were in water all wet.

“How did you guys not wake up to this, I am all wet.” As his parents woke up they saw what Kevin was talking about.

“How did.. This happen..?”, said Kevin’s dad.

“Oh come on, how did we not know that the window was open?”, said Kevin’s mom. The lightning struck and the sirens started to ring their ears.

“What’s happening Mom and Dad..?!” As the tornado hit and wood started to fly everywhere, trees coming up from the ground, the water in the basement swirling around the room.

“We need to get on the stairs!” Said Kevin. Kevin and his dad made it over but Kevin’s mom struggled. As it was so noisy in the basement, things flying around, the mom needed to take one more step.

“We got you!” said the Dad as he was reaching out his hand. Kevin’s mom reached out to grab his hand until a box slammed another box that was under her making her fall down and get hit.

“NOO!” Kevin and his dad said as she kept getting cut. The dad jumped to her and brought her up. As they all sat down on the stairs, the mom was severely injured.

“Mom are you okay?!” Said Kevin as he was crying.

“I think- so” As Kevin’s mom tried to speak. They took a blanket and stayed on the stairs until the storm calmed down.


10:11 A.M they woke up to the storm raining still but not as much as before. They all got up and went upstairs. Right when they all made it up, Kevin’s dad slipped falling down the stairs causing him to not get up.

“NOOO NOT AGAIN!” As Kevin said. The mom was freaked out and stayed up there while Kevin went to get his dad.

“Are you okay?” said Kevin in a worried voice. There was no response but the wind and the rain going through their hair. They had to leave Kevin’s dad on the floor. They were both very sad. Kevin and his mom walked through the grass where there was wood and stone everywhere with no buildings standing.

“Mom, what should we do now?” said Kevin as he was holding his mom’s hand.

“I don’t know..” she said as she sat down at the top of the hill. “Everyone is gone.” It started to rain even harder, wind gusts around 82 miles per hour. Roofs kept flying off every time Kevin looked at a house. Kevin and his mom stepped in the mud to get around the neighborhood, their shoes smelling like a toilet that has not been cleaned in a year.

“Where are we going Mom?”

“Further away from this mess..” As Kevin stood back for a minute, Kevin’s mom kept going. As she was about to make it out and in front of the school that Kevin goes to. She turns back to Kevin and waves goodbye. At this moment Kevin did not know what to do. It kept storming even harder as he got more worried and worried. The sirens went on again. He was alone. No one in site, just himself. He put his muddy crusty hands into his worn out cargo shorts pocket. And walked around the dead people hoping someone else is alive. Kevin came up to a street lamp on road fallen down. He sees a flyer. It spotted his eye because of all the contrast and color in it. He picks it up hoping there is some place to live. On the flyer is said,

“A group of Men that was poor on the side of the road won the lottery! They had got interviewed at this is what they said, Thank you to the kind Kid and family out their that helped me. I was able to buy a lottery ticket and now me and my friends are not poor, thank you. 3/12/15.” Kevin started to cry happy tears. He was very glad that they were able to get back up on their feet. Kevin looked at the paper again and saw the date.

“That was a week ago..” Kevin wondered what the men did with their money before the strong storm hit. Kevin kept walking and walking down the road hoping there would be anything else to make him happy. He made it to another hill in a city close to Bakersfield. Kevin looked around this hill because it was oddly shaped like a house, square and round at the same time. He went to get a closer look and saw a red dot. He was very tempted to touch it. Kevin with his muddy and dry fingers touched the button to find that there was hallway. Before Kevin hopped in the hole, he looked back to see if this was anyone. But when he did look back, there was 12 tornadoes coming right at him. In his head he thought to himself,

“I never saw that many in my life!” Kevin ran down the hall with the door closing behind him. There was another door but with a lock and a pass code. He knocked as hard as he could, and surprisingly someone was thoughtful and opened the door. Again Kevin thought to himself,

“There are more people!” Kevin looked up at these peoples faces and recognized them.

“It’s you guys! The people that I donated to and I saw a flyer that you guys won the lottery!”

“Who are you?” said one of the men.

“It’s me, the person that donated to you last week, a Dollar.”

“Do we know this guy?” said the person who sounded like the leader of his group.

“Well you should,” said Kevin. One of the men said in the background,

“I know him! He is the one that made us survive, without him we wouldn’t be here.” They all had the face where they were happy and proud.

“You my friend, do good deeds, you help out the world, that’s true friendship.” the Man said. Kevin smiled and looked up and walked inside the Secret under the hill bunker.


Always remember to be helpful to the world, even if you think it is perfectly fine..


The End.