Is Google Watching You?

Is Google Watching You?

Cameron Lockwood

Did you know Google is watching you! You might be thinking, that’s not possible it’s just a browser. But it’s really not, its a whole program! So me, Cameron Lockwood is here to prove to you that Google is watching you.

1. Location history, Google knows where you are. Using the app, Google Maps, Google can find out where you are going. Such as if you search up something on google maps. Google can see what you are searching up so Google knows where your going and where you are…

2. Google Knows what you want. Google knows everything you’ve ever searched for. It knows what you’re looking for, sometimes even before you do. And it never forgets any search you’ve made.” ~ Google Is Watching You ~ K. V. Turley.

That’s all I have today, Cameron, out.