Mummy Day!

Katya Fuksenko

Mummy Day is a fun day for 6th grade Social Studies students at Shady Grove Middle School. The day started off normal, apart from the fact everyone was separated in groups, working on a mummy for a mummy contest. Are you wondering what the contest was? Well, the 6th graders spent a few days working on their mummy. Each group was working hard, trying their best to do their mummy, all of them were well drawn, but not all of them could win. There were 6-7 winners in total, the winners were judged for Creativity and Most Authentic. The 6th graders were working to do their best, everyone was creative and original, people were having fun. Every single person was collaborating really well. On mummy day some people discovered new friends and found classmates who they work well with on a group project.

Here are some of the winners.