Book Recommendations

Katya Fuksenko

The books I recommend for readers who just can’t find a book.

Have you wanted to find the perfect book but can’t? Explored the whole media center and found nothing appealing to your eye that you want? Well, here are some books I recommend for people in SGMS. If you are looking for some realistic book than try out “Anger is a Gift” by Mark Oshiro.  It does not only have a realistic charm but it’s pushing you to find the theme of not judging a book by it cover, it starts off with great detail and explains things very well, the author gives tone and mood in every chapter, so if you love detail and realism than check this book out and read it!

Wanted to find something dark yet with amazing detail? Try “Vengeance Road” by Erin Bowman. It has a great mix of dark, detail and mood, some parts might be sad but then you can’t help feeling like your there, some part might seem so detailed that they start feeling scary, even make you hear race! This is a amazing book to read at midnight-I mean at school when there is some extra time to spend or in the evening, not like anyone is awake at 12 Am… heh. Try this book out and make sure to return it on time and not to get you head stuck in it passed the due date!

Want to find a good realistic book about dogs, but can’t get your hand on one? “Ice Dogs” by Terry Lynn Johnson is a book for you! The beginning starts with suspense, a race for dogs, Don’t worry I won’t spoil it! Not only does this book have great detail but this book is filled with adventures! This is a great book to read at night- I meant evening, after homework and not only on a winter’s day! Check this book out and start reading this suspenseful, adventurous book!