Orphan Girl – Part 1

Sara Dunham

(This takes place in New York City.) Chloe’s parents were in a really bad shooting and they didn’t make it. Chloe then had to move in with one of her parents good friends named Mr James. (His wife left him and his kids two years ago and ditched them.) Then Mr James told Chloe that she would be going to West Baker Middle School and she would be starting 8th grade there. Chloe was really scared and she didn’t know if she would make any new friends at her new school. She decided she would just go for it!

One morning, it was Chloe’s first day of school. She got up early, got in the shower, and she brushed her hair. She wore her hair down. She put on her favorite outfit to wear to school.

Mr James: Chloe, are you ready for your first day at a new school?!

Chloe: I’m so nervous! What if everyone hates me and I don’t make any new friends?

Mr James: Trust me, you will! You can tell me all about your first day when you get back home.

Chloe: Okay, Mr James!

(Hannah and Julie are Mr James daughters. They both are 15.)

Chloe: Where are Hannah and Julie?

Mr James: Oh, they already left to go to school! Are you sure you don’t need me to walk you to school?

Chloe: No, I’m okay! I know how to get there.

Mr James: Okay, you should leave now so you’re not late for your first day!

Chloe: Bye Mr James!

(Then Chloe left for her first day at West Park Middle school.)

She then got inside and she saw a bunch of adults. Chloe saw a bunch of students and she had no idea who any of them were. They were all talking to each other, laughing, and greeting each other. Then a woman tried getting everyone’s attention. Then when she blew her whistle, everyone got off their phones and they all sat there to listen.

Woman: Hello and welcome to West Baker Middle School. I hope everyone’s excited for their first day! Let’s start with 8th graders. If you’re an 8th grader, come in the cafeteria and we’ll assign you your homeroom!

(Chloe and all the 8th graders went into the cafeteria.)
Everyone was talking to each other and Chloe didn’t know anyone! Nobody even bothered to say hello! Then Chloe was first in line and she got assigned her homeroom.

Chloe then found her homeroom table. She saw boys and girls at her homeroom table. Everyone had someone to talk to except for Chloe. She just sat there and waited for someone to notice her and say hi.

Then a boy smiled at her.

Jackson: Hello.

Chloe: Hi. (She smiles back.)

Jackson: Do you know anyone here?

Chloe: No! I used to live in Brooklyn but I moved to New York City. (You smiled again.)

Jackson: That’s really cool! (Smiles back at Chloe.) I’m Jackson. What’s your name?

Chloe: My name is Chloe.

Jackson: Nice to meet you Chloe.

Chloe: Nice to meet you too!

Then Jackson pointed at two other boys.

Jackson: Chloe, meet Rowan and Miguel.

Chloe: Hello.

Rowan and Miguel: Hello.

Jackson: There’s treats at the door! I’m gonna go have one.

Rowan: Me too!

Miguel: Let’s go!

Then a girl stopped what she was doing and she turned her phone off. She then sat closer to Chloe.

Natalie: Hello.

Chloe: Hey!

Natalie: I like your outfit.

Chloe: Thanks.

Natalie: My name is Natalie. Are you Chloe?

Chloe: Yes, how do you know?!

Natalie: I heard you introduce yourself to Jackson.

Chloe: Oh.

Natalie: So, do you wanna be friends?!

Chloe: Sure!

Natalie then tapped on the girl next to her and she turned around.

Natalie: Camila, this is Chloe.

Chloe: Hello.

Camila: (Smiles.) Hi!

Chloe: I just moved from Brooklyn over here to New York City a month ago.

Natalie: That’s so cool but why did you have to move?

Chloe: My parents were in a really bad shooting and they didn’t make it. Then I had to move in with one of my parents good friends.

Camila: Oh my gosh!

Natalie: That sounds horrible! I’m so sorry!

Chloe: Thanks. I know it seems really hard being an orphan.

(Jackson overheard you guys talk.)

Jackson: Is that really true? You are an orphan!

Chloe: Yes, I am.

Jackson: I’m sorry. If you ever need to talk, I’m here.

Chloe: Thanks!

Jackson seemed really nice to Chloe and he was really nice. They seemed to get closer the rest of the day. Her first day didn’t seem as bad as she thought it would be.

Mr James: Hello princess. How was your day?!

Chloe: Hello Mr James! It was great. I have some new friends now!

Mr James: That’s awesome!

(Hannah and Julie entered the kitchen.)

Hannah: So how was your first day of school?!

Chloe: It was amazing. How was your first day of your second year of high school?

Hannah: It was really amazing!

Julie: I love high school!

-Skip to the next day-

At lunch, Chloe found a random table to sit at. Natalie and Camila both sat next to her and Jackson joined them.
Chloe blushed so many times when she saw Jackson.

Miguel: Look! Jackson’s sitting next to his new girlfriend! How cute is that?!

A lot of people started to laugh.

Chloe and Jackson laughed too.

Jackson: Shut up Miguel!

Then Chloe looked down and smiled.

Natalie: Yesterday, I noticed the way you two have been staring at each other!

However, Chloe and Jackson actually got very close for the first three weeks of school. Each day, she drifted apart from being friends with Natalie and Camila since she’s been hanging out with Jackson way too much.

One day after school, Chloe heard someone call her name. She turned around and she saw Jackson!

Jackson: Hey Chloe! Can I tell you something?

Chloe: Sure Jackson, what’s up?!

Jackson: I don’t know how to say this but I like you.

Chloe: I like you too.

(Chloe was so happy that Jackson felt the same.)
Jackson: Well I have to go! I’ll see you tomorrow, Chloe.

Chloe: (Smiles at Jackson.) Bye!

Chloe decided to text Natalie about the really exciting news.

The text said, “Omg, Jackson told me he likes me and I told him I like him back!”

Then Chloe got a text from Natalie and it said, “That’s cool but please don’t date him.”

Chloe decided to text her back and wrote, “Why not??”

Then Natalie texted Chloe back saying, “I like him.”

Authors Note: Thank you for reading part 1! I’ll try to make the parts longer and especially part 2. The story will continue and there will be so much darkness and huge stuff happening as the series continues so be prepared! Did you enjoy part 1? I hope you did and part 2 will be out soon!!