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Mr. Bergan

Mr. Bergan

Connor Lockwood, Mr Bergan and His Jobs

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Mr. Bergan is a teacher and the athletic director at Shady Grove middle school. He has taught at Shady Grove for 3 years. This year he teaches English and Digital Literature. He has been the AD for 2 years. He has always liked sports. When he was young he played baseball, wrestling and basketball. He also likes to watch sports. His son wrestles and his daughter dances.

Here is a part about what the teams are. Shady Grove has sports teams that play against other middle schools in the county. To be on the teams 7th and 8th grade students must have a GPA of 2.0 and higher and try out before each season. In the fall there are boys and girls softball and cross country. In the winter there is boys and girls basketball. In the spring there is boys and girls soccer. If you have questions about playing for a Shady Grove sports team you can ask Mr. Bergan.