Family Dinner Night

Katya Fuksenko

October 25, 2018

Family dinner started, we were able to sign up for a small giveaway for a few gift cards, people coming in and out for the bookfair. The food was set up and the fresh smell came through the door, I sat down with my mom and waited for the line to start. Family Dinner was not too crowded maybe about 5-6 people per table, once the line started, it looked similar to a lunch line. Once everyone got their delicious smelling and tasting food, teachers, like Ms. Mah and Mr. Mals came to eat, chat and see all the families. Minute by minute more people came in. There was only 7-10 6th graders, 10-14 7th and 2-5 8th, but after my friend came and ate, we went to the bookfair and we found some cool books, posters and other things. “This is fun!” Nora shouted.
“I agree!!!” I shouted back.

But when you are having fun, time goes by quite fast. Before we even knew it, it was around 6:50 pm, and it was time to announce the winner of the giveaway, they were Dr.Murray, Maxie Young and. principal and vice-principal said, “Stay for a small concert!” I stayed seated with my mom and listened to the wonderful singer. The song was, “I don’t know my name” by: Grace Vanderwaal.” She was singing beautifully but I had to leave a little earlier to finish homework, “That was fun!” I said to my mom.
“We could try to come again.” she replied back.
Once I left I had a joyful smile after having so much fun with friends, my mom and listening to the wonderful singer.