The Club Roundup

Katya Fuksenko

Are you interested in any clubs, looking for a way to have fun after and in school? Well this is the right thing for you!

Are YOU looking for a FUN way to relax yourself? Mrs. Savage has the right thing for you! The Yoga Club! She started yoga about 5 years ago because she was very stressed and needed a way to release and relax. Her husband made her try so they had bought a groupon! The reason she started the club? Well, Mrs. Escobar came up with the idea and Mrs. Savage agreed to share her practice with students! Are you thinking to yourself, where did she learn it? She learned it in Yoga Workers in Columbia, MD. She says, “It’s load a fun and de-stressing, NOT boring. Let’s say complete opposite!”

You hear the words, “ LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!” But before that you get the chance to decide, “ Stage Crew or a Role?” What would you sign up for? Do you love to act and sing or work lights and background?!  Well you can sign up for the drama club today! Not only do you do plays and roles, but you get cool costumes and get a chance to be in stage crew, Who runs it? Why of course, Mrs. Jaskolski and Ms. Mah!

Do you love to create, write and take photos?!
Well, we have the perfect clubs for YOU. The newspaper and yearbook clubs!
Mrs, South gets to run BOTH of them! Those 2 clubs gets a chance to work together by sharing photos. You get to take pictures during pep rallies, mummy day and other school events! You can take pictures with your phone or a camera that Mrs. South will give you! Other roles in the newspaper club are writers and artists. Join today!