Winter Activites

snow angel

snow angel

Cameron Lockwood

It’s that time of year again! Winter, full of snow and that means going outside and playing in the snow and getting cold and wet. If you think that the snow is boring then you should hear some of the activities you could do! It may change your opinion!

One winter activity is snowball fighting. It’s a classic one so you may know it. If you don’t, then it’s making a snowball then throwing at someone. There’s not really a point of the game, but it’s fun to throw snowballs at people. Another fun snow activity is making a snow angel. Again, you may know this one. But if you don’t then here’s how you do it. You lay on the cold floor and wave your arms and legs left and right. Then you stand up and make sure you don’t step on it. But, then you can look at your beautiful snow angel.

Another activity is going snowshoeing. I’ve never went myself but it looks fun. What you do is buy or make snow shoes then  you walk around in snow with them. That simple! My last activity to tell you isn’t really an activity but it’s something you people might like. It’s adding a peppermint to your hot chocolate. I haven’t tried it myself but the internet tells me it tastes nice. So that is my advice for what to do on a snow day. I hope you found this helpful for your happy holidays.