Honk! Jr. – Behind the Scenes


Jacqui South

12/8/2018 – Nora as ‘Ida’ in the Shady Grove Drama production of Honk! Jr., ©2018 Jacqui South Photography

Nora Rudmann

On December 7th and 8th of this year, the SGMS Drama Club put on their winter musical, Honk! Jr. The musical starred 7th grader Amiyah Winters as Ugly, a duckling who looks different from her friends on the farm. However, when she wanders away from the duckyard, she has to figure out how to get home and find her family. The musical was very popular, seeing a large audience Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night.

Auditions for the show were held in October, and practice began soon after. “Drama rehearsals were nice, but sometimes it was stressful having long practices and then having to go home and do homework late at night,” said 6th grader Cameron Lockwood, who played the swan Penn, when asked about his experience in rehearsals. However, the actors, actresses, and crew-members of the Drama Club persevered through their late night schedule, working through 8:30 rehearsals and tight schedules. “I love Drama because you learn stuff about the theater arts while also having fun,” said 7th grade costume crew member Kei Cavanaugh. “You also get to make a lot of new friends through Drama.”

Judy Jaskolski, a Health teacher here at SGMS, has been working with the Drama club for 20 years, since it began in 1999. [quote from Ms. J about working with drama]. Mrs. Jaskolski directed this year’s fall show, Honk! Jr., and Mrs. Mah, a science teacher, ran crew.

As with last year, we interviewed 3 people who saw the show and 3 drama students about Honk! Jr. Here’s what they had to say about the show.


Audience Members

Timberwolf Times: What was your favorite song in Honk! Jr.?

Connor Lockwood: “I liked the ending song (‘Warts and All Reprise’).

Sara Dunham: “I liked ‘A Poultry Tale,’ the first song.

Catherine Philippon: “‘Warts and All’ because it’s funny and I liked the choreography.”

TT: Who was your favorite character?

CL: “I don’t know, they’re all so good! I especially liked Ugly and her family.”

SD: “They were all really amazing and good characters.”

CP: “I didn’t have a favorite, I liked all of them!”

TT: What did you think was the funniest scene?

CL: “I liked when the ducklings grew up and had the chain necklaces.”

SD: “When [Ugly] got her wings and flew through the audience.”

CP: “The scenes with Drake!”


Drama Students

Timberwolf Times: What was your favorite song in Honk! Jr.?

Sarah Fudolig: “‘Play With Your Food’ and ‘Wild Goose Chase’ were my favorites.”

Bianca Melendez: “‘Warts and All’! It was really cute and upbeat and Bessie (Bullfrog) was really good when she sang it.”

Mia Moral: “My favorite song is probably ‘Warts and All’ because it was cute and the dance was awesome. The harmonies were good too.”

TT: Who was your favorite character?

SF: “The Cat!!!”

BM: “Probably Ida; I love Ida.”

MM: “There’s three characters really like the most: Ugly, the Cat, and Ida! I like the way that they all had emotion.”

TT: What did you think was the funniest scene?

SF: “I don’t know, but it was funny when the Cat got hit by the ball.”

BM: “Probably when Bessie is making all those jokes during her song.”

MM: “When Bessie made a really funny joke at the beginning of ‘Warts and All.'”


The drama students had to arrive at the school at 5:00 P.M. on Friday and 12:00 P.M. on Saturday to be ready for the show. After arriving, they put on stage makeup so people could see them from the stage and got changed into costumes. Near showtime, the actors and actresses wished each other good luck and headed out to perform.

Want to participate in Drama? Make sure to go to audition prep on January 8th for cast and auditions sometime in February for crew.