The Unknown Girl

The Unknown Girl

Alisha Kazmi , The Unknown Girl

There was once a girl, she was very quiet. No one knew her name, or what she sounded like, or knew what her face looked like. She always wore a hood and a mask to hide her face. She got bullied at school, abused by her mom because she wouldn’t show herself anymore, and her father even left her because of this. But one day, someone actually talked to her.


Emma – The Unknown Girl

Rose – Leader of bullies

Lolly – Bully

Luke – Bully/friend

Jackson – Bully

Vivaan – Friend or more then a friend of Emma


Let the story begin…


Emma enters the school, Lolly and Rose are waiting for her at the door.

Rose: “Right on time, idiot.”

Lolly: “Ready for your daily beat up?”

Emma: …

Rose: “I take that as a yes! Lolly, hold her.”

Lolly goes running behind Emma and holds her arms while Rose would punch Emma and make her feel worthless. Lolly would let go of Emma and let her fall to the ground while she would run back to Rose.

Lolly: “Did you hear that we are getting a new kid?”

Rose: “Boy or girl?”

Lolly: “I think it’s a boy….”

Rose: “If he’s hot and rich, then he’s mine.”

Lolly: “Alright then..”

Bell rings, they would all get up and Emma would limp to class while Lolly skipped and Rose followed Emma. They both would sit down and Jackson would sit behind Emma.

Jackson would whisper so only Rose could hear him.

Jackson: “Imma pull her chair down.”

Rose: “Alright.”

Jackson would kick her chair and Emma would fall out of her chair, the chair falling on top of her.

Emma: !

Ms. Alisha comes running into the room.

Ms. Alisha: “Oh my goodness! Are you alright?”

Emma would nod yes and get back up, sitting back into her chair.

Ms. Alisha: “Anyways, I found out that TWO new students are going to be attending this class, SO BE RESPECTFUL! That means you JACKSON!”

Jackson: “Okay okay, jeez.”

Ms. Alisha: “You may come in now!”

Two boys would come in, one with blue-ish hair and covered up eyes, like Emma. The other with brown hair and green eyes. The one with the blue hair had wolf ears, and was covering his eyes with a blindfold.

Luke: “Hi, I’m Luke, and this guy with the blue hair is Vivaan!”

Vivaan: “Hello…”

Ms. Alisha: “Luke, you may go sit near Rose. Vivaan, you may go sit next to the girl wearing all black.”

Ms. Alisha was pointing at Emma.

Vivaan: “Okay..”

They boys sat down and the bell rang.

Ms. Alisha: “Your dismissed!”

They left while Ms. Alisha sat down at her desk.

Ms. Alisha: “I don’t get paid enough. -._.-“

Luke sat with Jackson, Lolly met up with Rose and Vivaan, and Emma sat alone, as usual. Vivaan looked at Emma.

Vivaan: “Why is she sitting alone?”

Rose: “Hm? Oh, that’s the unknown girl. She’s such a LOSER!”

Emma didn’t care and continued eating her food.

Rose: “Whatever, you have us, not her!”

Vivaan: “Mysterious….I’m gonna go talk to her.”

Rose: “Wait wait! Don’t go–“

Vivaan ignored Rose and sat next to Emma. Rose grunted in anger and stormed off outside.

Vivaan: “Hi, I’m Vivaan. Your name?”

Emma took out a notepad and wrote “Is this a trick? Tell Rose to come out now, she can hit me again.”

Vivaan: “This isn’t a trick.”

Emma took off her mask, Vivaan would only be able to see her mouth. She was Indian, unlike the others at the school.

Emma: “Call me Em.”

Vivaan: “Okay Em. So, what’s up?”

Emma: “Just eating, what about you?”

Vivaan: “Same here.”

Vivaan got out his lunch and continued eating while talking to Emma. Emma smiled for a second.

Vivaan: “Whoa, you smiled!”

Emma: “I did?”

Vivaan: “Yeah! It was so cu–nice! I meant nice!!”

Emma: “Okay…”

Vivaan: “Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at my place later?”

Emma: “Sure!”

Emma looked over Vivaan’s shoulder and saw Luke, in a different style, looking like a bully. He was talking to Jackson.

Emma: “Uhh, Vivaan?”

Vivaan: “Yeah?”

Emma: “Turn around.”

Vivaan turned around and saw his brother looking like a bully.

Vivaan: “I’ll be right back.”

Emma: “Alright.”

Vivaan grabbed a cookie and handed it to Emma, stood up and walked over to Luke

Emma munched on the cookie.

Vivaan: “What the heck happened to you, Luke?!”

Luke: “Cut the crap, Vivaan. I know you think I’m weak, so I wanted to prove that I’m not.”

Jackson pushed Vivaan to the ground.

Luke: “I wish I didn’t have you as my brother.”

Tears filled Vivaan’s eyes while Luke and Jackson walked to Rose and Lolly.

Jackson: “Now here are the hot chicks.”

Rose: “Oh hey, Luke! Did Jackson give you a makeover?”

Luke: “Mhm.”

Jackson: “Doesn’t he look good?”


Luke: “Lolly is a complete creep.”

Lolly: “Wow, rude.”

Luke: “That’s me.”

Rose: “Oof.”

Emma put her mask back on and ran to Vivaan. Emma was muffling so Vivaan could not understand her, not on purpose.

Vivaan: “Huh?…whatever…”

He stood up and walk away, depression just starting for him.

THE END ( only for part 1 )