Jacob Miller

March 28,1944  London Britain

His breath was held as he walked with a brisk stride. Elmtree Pet Hotel was a few yards ahead. Tim felt like a magnet was pulling him as he opened the creaky old door to the kennel. As he stepped in, a rush of noises and smells hit him square in the face. He turned around in a circle and saw hundreds and hundreds of cages filled with dogs. Every dog looked at him and seemed to say, Pick me! No me! Hey, what about me? Each dog’s eyes had a look of hope. His heart felt like it was being torn apart, but just out of the corner he saw a little runt. No bigger than a pot of soup. Tim then walked over and picked the dog up. His fur was like snow and was matted down like he had just been in a bath. The one moment that Tim and this dog locked eyes he saw the dog had a look of fire in his eyes much like Tim.

“ Are you gonna buy him or not?” said the cranky old shop caretaker.

“Whoa you scared me!” replied Tim. “How much for this little fella?”

“140£ for him.”

“That much?!” screamed Tim. Tim knew he had to buy this fella, but at that price?!!

“Fine I’ll take him” said Tim handing over a wad of bills. “Also I want that leash and collar.”

After leaving the store he set the dog down and fastened the leash. The dog tried to walk away but was stopped by the silver and gold colored leash. Then the dog saw a large comic shop poster of Thor and growled.

“Whoa boy! Calm down….That’s what I should name you, Loki!”

The dog yipped with approval as they headed for home.

March 29,1944  London Britain

The next day Tim and Loki walked to the dog park and started to train and play. They brought a deflated football (soccer ball) and started to run and play. They both did a small obstacle course, but Loki kept drifting away. Finally, Loki and Tim were tired and started to head home, but half way home a rumble shook the ground.

“Help! Sinkhole!” someone screamed.

“Lets go Loki!” said Tim with a worry in his voice. Even as he ran his legs shook and cold sweat rained on his face. As he turned the corner he saw the horror.

“Holy crap!” Tim screamed. The London eye was halfway in the hole and there was about 200 people on the eye that were visible. The hole looked like a monster trying to eat the eye. Fire engines were coming but people were climbing out. Loki and Tim stood there in shock as everyone started to climb out. As one boy came out shaking, people rushed around and someone bumped the boy! He fell and held on with one hand to the side of the growing sinkhole.

“My son! Somebody help my son!” a woman screamed. Everyone was rushing towards him but the ground started opening up again knocking people off their feet. That’s when Tim and Loki shot off towards the hole dodging people and cracks in the ground. Loki jumped ahead and slid towards the boy. As Tim was running he felt like a gorilla was sitting on his chest and his heart beat faster and faster. As Tim got there the boy started to slip. “Noooo!” scream Tim and the boy in unison. Just in the nick of time Loki bit in the boys shirt and was holding on. Tim dove and used the last of his strength to pull up the boy and Loki. Loki and Tim fell on the ground and passed out.

April 1,1944  London Britain

As Tim slowly gained consciousness he realized he was in a room with a few nurses and a general.

“Ahh, he’s awake,” said the general with a jolly tone.

“Where am I?” asked Tim, “and where’s Loki?”

“So that’s the dog’s name. He’s right next to you.” replied the general. Tim looked to his left and saw Loki resting. Loki looked like a baby with his eyes closed.

“What do you want and why am I here?”

“I want you and your dog to fight in the battle of Okinawa. You were a real hero when you saved the boy and almost died doing so. The army needs real heroes like you,” said the general. “What do I get and who are you?” asked Tim in a menacing tone.

The general then replied “I am General Johnny Smith of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines. We are a strong group of men and women who have done something heroic. What makes us different is we have women in our battalion and some dogs like Loki.”

“Arff!” cried Loki.

“Oh hello Loki.” Tim said in a surprised tone.

“Also you get 100£ per month and Loki gets all the food he wants,” replied Johnny. “I’m in Johnny, when do I start?” Tim said without hesitation.

“Okay, let’s start training tomorrow.”

April 2,1944  London, Great Britain

Meep! Meep! Meep! The alarm rang out like a fire bell. Tim had barely slept last night so this alarm was not helping. As Tim got up he felt and looked like a zombie. He had bags under his eyes and Loki was was bouncing all over his lap. As Tim had his third pot of coffee he started to feel better.

“Woops” cried Tim as he spilled coffee all over the floor.“No Loki! Bad dog!” Tim yelled as Loki started licking up coffee. After Tim had cleaned up the coffee and put the leash on Loki he was off. As Tim was walking he noticed a lot of people running around and birds were calling.

“It’s so beautiful in the morning.” he thought out loud

“Arff” replied Loki. Tim then started to jog down the road toward the military base. As his house became lost in the streets it started raining. He jogged on and on toward the base. As he jogged to the front gate he heard:

“You’re late soldier!” cried the general.

“But I got here at…” Tim called “whoops ! I guess my watch was slow.”

“I told you to be here at 7:45 and now you’re here at 8:25?” cried the general.

“Sorry sir!” replied Tim, “won’t happen again.”

“It better not!” yelled the general. As Tim and Loki jogged through the entrance they heard a boom as a mushroom cloud arose from the city.

“Kamikazes!” screamed the century.

“Here Tim!” yelled the general handing him a rifle. Tim took the gun and ran towards the city and sure enough there were some planes. Tim slid into an outcropping of a destroyed building and started shooting back. Somewhere German soldiers were shooting. Tim had one more shot in his rifle and Loki was standing guard in the outcropping. As Tim aimed at a plane it started shooting at them. He pulled the trigger. The bullet then flew up right in the engine. The plane then came crashing down. As the plane hit the ground a piece of wood hit Loki and Tim. Tim started to blackout and saw people above him.

(to be continued)