A Day in the Life of SGMS Students – 8th Grade English

As You LIke It

As You LIke It

A Day in the Life of 8th grade English – May 3, 2018

Mr. Chupka’s 8th Grade English – Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” Act 2 Scene 7


Samir: I don’t like the order it is, lines are backwards. It’s like another language.
Chupka gave students two strategies that could help with this challenge:
Strategy 1:  if can’t paraphrase, can summarize? If can’t translate word for word, can you at least summarize?
Stragegy 2: Can you re-arrange to an order that makes sense to you?

Victoria: Some words that mean different things now that meant different things back then.
Chupka: Some words aren’t even used now that were used back then.
Strategy 1: Keep out a dictionary to help understand words you don’t understand
Stragegy 2: Use context clues

Mateo B: Doesn’t provide enough context clues to explain what’s going on
Chupka/Strategy: Even scholars have difficulty understanding and use.. They utilize the Folger Shakespeare Library Edition/Signet Classic Series that have notes that help explain Shakespeare

Act 2 Scene 7 – “All the world’s a stage…” Students read/were read Act 2 Scene 7 three times. Once quietly to themselves, once aloud by Mr. Chupka, once through video by actor Kevin Kline.

1st Reading
Close reading strategies:
Ask yourself questions, what is this text really about? In this speech, what is he really talking about? Then quietly read to yourself.

Chupka: What is this speech about?
Students responses: Life cycle of a man from infant to old age, birth to death
When speech starts it’s about being an actor, being in the theater
everyone has a part to play in life

Chupka: what is the speaker’s attitude about life, tone?
Student responses: matter of fact, neutral

Students noted that the words used in the speech are metaphors and are from the theater: Acts, parts, players, exits, entrances

2nd Reading
Chupka read in matter of fact tone
Student comments: Very humbling, how small we are in the world
If you’re lucky you get to live long enough to lose your faculties
In shakespeare’s time most people didn’t live that long
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything

3rd Reading
Then scene was shown from video with different tone:

As You Like It Dir. Kenneth Branagh. Perf. Kevin Kline. BBC Films, 2006. YouTube. Web. 04 May 2018

Because this was video as well as audio, students could see the actor thinking about his own life. Chupka asked students what is this speech saying about life? None of us escapes this, when we are old, we turn back to being in need of someone’s help to do day-to-day activities.

Student comments to Kevin Kline: gloom, realization that it’s going to happen to him, long pause, scared, fearing what’s coming, weighing down his soul

After the 3rd reading, students broke into groups to either Paraphrase or Summarize.

Here are some notes from students:

  • There are 7 stages in life that anyone can relate to
  • Stage 1: Newborn/baby when a person needs to be cared for
  • Stage 2: School boy who does not want to go to school
  • Stage 3: Young man /teenager courting his mistress
  • Stage 4: Soldier with a temper
  • Stage 5: Middle aged man with a career, who has learned what’s right and wrong
  • Stage 6: Old man in slippers wearing glasses, shrinking in height
  • Stage 7: Very old man who is not able to care for himself, teeth have fallen out, poor eyesight, losing sense of taste and finally dies.