Political Cartoon – U.S. United or Divided

In U.S. History students were assigned to create a political cartoon with 3 characters having a conversation where each character explains why they thing the country is becoming more united or more divided during the 1800’s.

4 Shared American Values:

  1. Limited Government – Government should only have a little control in the lives of citizens
  2. Rights & Responsibilities – Everyone has freedoms that must be protected and everyone must follow the law
  3. Equal Opportunity – Everyone should be treated fairly
  4. Opportunity of the Market System – The government must leave business alone and get involved only when absolutely necessary


Notes: Regional Perspectives
Values North South West
Limited Government More Government

(protect tariffs)

Less Government

(Protect slavery, state’s rights, no tariffs)

Less Government

(some slavery, and tariffs)

Rights & Responsibilities More rights:

Abolish slavery, women’s suffrage

Defends rights to property (slaves) & traditions Right to Property, but conflicted over slavery
Equal Opportunity Want public education & abolition Aristocracy; strong class system USA is the land of opportunity
Market System Industrial


Critical of the South



Critical of the North

Still developing agriculture, cattle ranching