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School Policies

School Policies

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Backpacks & Purses

Backpacks may be used to transport materials to and from school. They must remain in student’s locker during the day. Small backpacks, string backpacks, purses and large tote bags will be treated like backpacks and must remain in student’s locker.

These expectations will be sent out through Connect Ed to the parents and through admin video to be shown in CT to the students.

Birthday Celebrations

In order to honor birthdays at SGMS, students will be limited to saying happy birthday to their friends on the microphone in the cafeteria at lunch. (Please do not bring outside food, balloons or other celebratory items.)

Cell Phones & Ear Buds

Cell phones and earbuds need to be off and away from the moment you set foot in the building until the dismissal bell rings. Earbuds may be used in class if instructed by a teacher. Non-compliance could result in confiscation of the cell phone by security.

Teacher notes:

1st time – teacher warning

2nd time – parent contact

3rd time – call security, phone will be confiscated, parent contact

Dress Code

Students have a responsibility to be dressed and groomed for school, in accordance with the community standards for dress and grooming. Students may not be disciplined for their style of dress or grooming unless it:

  • Is likely to cause a disruption
  • Endangers health or safety
  • Fails to meet a reasonable requirement of a course or activity
  • Is associated with gangs
  • Is lewd, vulgar, obscene, revealing, of a sexual nature, or promotes the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs