Wolf Pack-Two Worlds Collide


this photo is a pack sticking together which is like my story

Kaniria , Wolf Pack-Two Worlds Collide1

Chapter 1

Today is the worst day ever! Mom and Dad are fighting again. I’m in the middle as usual and they know how much I hate it. But it never stops them. But, hey I don’t mind. Sometimes I just go with it. All the time Mom and Dad have been debating whether or not we should move. Of course I have to be the one to choose if we move or not and they put a lot of pressure on me. So it’s hard to make a decision. I guess that’s how life goes.

Anyway my name is Alex short for Alexander and my parents, Melissa and Jake Smith, are so crazy still fighting about moving. But hey, I chose that we should move because then I get a change of scenery. So it took us a week to pack. Then my dad drove us to the airport and didn’t say a word to me or mom. Then we got to the airport, boarded our plane and flew off to Phoenix. It took us a week to get moved in. It was long and exhausting. I was happy to see something new. My mom told me I would be starting school on Monday and I couldn’t wait.

So during the weekend me and my mom went school shopping. It was fun. While we did that my dad was trying to find a job because this was the first time we have ever moved in my 12 years of  living and it was hard to watch him struggle. My mom and I tried to help him but he keep getting mad at us which is weird because I have never seen my dad so mad and stressed out. So me and my mom just left him alone and we went out to eat and had a good time and brought him something back but when we got home he left a note that said:

Dear Alexander and Melissa I went out for a drive to clear don’t worry about bringing me anything to eat  i’m not that hungry anyway I love you two have a good night.

Jake Smith

To Be Continued…………