My Random Poetry Pt. 2

Part two of my randomness!

My Random Poetry Pt. 2

Nora Rudmann

Filler Kid

I’m a filler kid in the movie of life.

There’s the heroes with their tragic tales

and the villains who are cruel and you are forced to hate

but you end up loving in the end.

And then there’s us. The fillers who are just there, providing background noise for the cameras. We’re perfectly happy with our lives and don’t get bullied. We have lots of friends and few problems.

But we’re not exciting enough for the cameramen.



Caskets of universes you’ve never seen

and people you have.

Horrible twisting tunnels

that can warp even the

nicest things into nightmares.

Where the impossible become possible.

Visions into a world simply


that make you think,

maybe it wasn’t.

Tear jerking separations

or frights.

And when you wake

up actually crying,

you begin to question

just how far these dreams are

from reality.